Welcome to the on-line Franang zine's part, you'll find many album, demo reviews and interviews. This is more or less the continuation of the paper zine, but through internet this time. Obviously some interviews lay out might be a bit different from the printed edition, other are close to the paper edition (PDF files mainly).

The main difference with the paper edition is that now you can find more diversity within the interviews and reviews going from Doom to Black Metal. But what should never be ignored is quality is superior to quantity. Thence, I'll keep on supporting only crushing bands and most of them are infortunately under rated today. Furthermore, don't forget that if you're reading interviews and reviews for free on this web site, bands need more support : buy their records, go to their shows and stop downloading their materials on MP3 ! The scene doesn't need this ugly format.
Some interviews can be read with Acrobat Reader. If you want to use some interviews/reviews for your personal use, drop a line before.
If you can't find your material reviewed here, it might be in trash bin. MP3 files, CD-R and boring productions will be ignored here.

There're still VERY few copies of the 9th of Franang zine, get them before it's too late.

Send an email if you want to be informed about updates


Note that Patrick Lefevre (P) helped me for reviews and several interviews too.