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24/06/2011 : Children Of doom, Stormhunter

04/06 : Incursus, Darkest Grove, Tenebrous

01/05/2011 : Rise And Shine

25/04/11 : Thrasher Death, Drakar

17/04/11 : Atheist, Helheim

21/02/10 : Hellish Crossfire


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Absolute Of Almighty "Same"

Abyssmal Grief "Mors eleison"

Afflictis Lentae "Chapter I"

After All "The vermin breed"

After Death "Retronomicon"

Agmen "Eternal"

Agemn "Dethroned"

Alastor "Silva nordica"

Alastor "Noble north"

Amnion (Spa) "Crytpic wanderings"

Anger As Art "Same"

Anger As Art "Callous and furor"

Anumis Mortis "Atrabilis"

Apokalyptic Raids "The third storm"

Arathorn "Treue & verrat"

Arcana Coelestia "Ubi secreta colunt"

Arcana Coelestia"Le mirage de l'idéal"

Archgoat "Whore of bethlehem"

Archgoat "The light - devouring darkness"

Arcknaum "Trulen"

Arckanum "Antikosmos"

Ars Diavoli 'Pro nihilo esse"

Artisian "Seargte le reothadh"

Atheist "Jupiter"

Axel Rudi Pell "Diamonds unlocked"

Axis Powers "Pure slaughter"

Azarath "Diabolic impious evil"

Bahimiron "Pure negativism : In
Allegiance With Self Wreckage"

Battlerage "Steel supremacy"

Battleroar "Age Of Chaos"

Bedemon "Child of darkness"

Behexen "My soul for his glory"

Belenos "Chants de bataille"

Be Persecuted "L.I."

Bestial Mockery "Slaying the life"

Black Flame "Conquering purity"

Black Jade "Helvetica diabolica"

Black Steel "Hellhammer"

Bloody Sign "Explosion of elements"

Bloodthirst "Let him die"

Brocas Helm "Black Death"

Brocas Helm "Into Battle"

Burial Hordes "War revenge and
total annihilation"

Burning Saviours "Hundus"

Carcharoth "Desolated battlefields"

Celestial Bloodshed "Cursed, scarred
and forever possessed"

Centurion Ghost "The great work"

Children Of Doom "Doom, be doomer ör fuck off"

Christicide "Same"

Clandestine Blaze "Chruch of atrocity"

Count raven "Mammons war"

Corpus Christii "Rising"

Cortege Funebre/Into Dagorlad "Split"

Crucified Barabara "In distortion
we trust"

Damien "Stop this war"

Damien "Every Dog Has Its Day"

Darketrah "Epos"

Darkest Grove "Pain nd suffering shall be known"

Dark Faith "Storm of hatred
and anger"

Darkness "Death squad"

Darkness "Bocholt live squad"

Dark Messiah "Rise of black dawn"

Dark Psychosis "Obessed
by shadws"

Darkstorm "Hell satan blasphemy"

Decayed "Hexagram"

Deja Vu "Bullets to spare"

Delirium Tremens"Cyberhuman"

Demonized "Triumphator"

Demontage "Sacrilege'n'miscreancy"

Denouncement Pyre "Under the aegis of

Depressing Winter "Llac edicius"

Desolation Triumphalis "Forever bound
to nothingness"

Detonator 666 "Supremacy & tyrany"

Devastator "Morbid force"

Devastator "Conjuring evil"

Devilish Impressions "Act III"

Diaboli "The antichrist"

Diabolic Force "Old school attack"

Dimension Psychosis "Magical matrix
of dimensional continuum"

Dimentianon "Hossmanas novus..."

Disaster "Criaturas del mal".

Disjecta "Da marmorea lapide ombrati"

Draka "Let draka"

Draugnum "Northwind's ire"

Draugr "Nocturnal pagan supremacy"

Drowned "Viscera terrae"

Eerie "Hollow starve"

Elite "Bifrost"

Elite "We own the mountains"

Emerald "Hymns to steel"

Eminenz "Eminenz"

Empty "The last breath of my
mortal despair"

Engel "Next closed door"

Epheles "Souviens toi"

Ereb Altor "Bu honour"

Eschaton "Cuasa fortia"

Estuary "The craft"

Eternal Flight "Under the sign of will"

Ether "Depraved, repressed, feeling"

Evoken "A caress of the void"

Evol "The saga of the horned king

Ewig Frost "Blue septime winters"

Excalibur "Fils vengeur"

Excister "Thrash, Speed, Burn"

Exordim "Super casu heresis quondam

combuste fuerunt"

Fall Of The Idols "Womb of earth"

Fall Of The Idols "The séance"

Farscape "Killers on the loose"

Flagellum Dei "Under the might"

Flesh "Dodsangest"

Flesh "Temple of whores"

Force of Darkness "Live MMIV"

Förgjord "Henkeen ja vereen"

For Ruin "December"

Forsaken "After the fall"

Forteresse "Métal noir québécois"

Fortid "Voluspa II"

Fuck Off "Hell On Earth"

Furia "Pton"

Galar "Skogskvad"

Gaszimmer "Dominazione di elernila"

Geist "Rainmal"

Gelida Obscuritas "Heart of chaos"

Gestapo 666 "Nostalgia"

Gigantour "Tour 2005"

Goathholocaust "Satan jedend"

Gorgons Eyes "Inglorious eyes"

Gospel Of The Horns "Realm of the

Graveland "Will stronger than death"

Graven "The shadows eternal call"

Gravewurm/Suicidal Winds "From
conflict to conquest"

Grenade "The howling damned"

Grimuak "Goetica summa"

Gris "It était une forêt"

Ground Control "Insanity"

Hammerhead "Will to survive"

Havohej "Dethrone the son of god"

Heaven & Hell "Live - radio city music hall"

Helel "A sigil burnt deep into the flesh"

Hellacaust "Inevitable dementia"

Hellbangers "Metal forces"

Helheim "Heiðindómr Ok Mótgangr""

Hellish Crossfire "Slaves of burning
the pentagram"

Hellish Crossfire "Bloodrust Scythe"

Hellixxir "War within"

Helloween "The legacy world tour"

Hellrealm "Hell is here on earth"

Hellrealm "Chaos and fear and death"

Helwulf "Wolves of war and blood"

Hermh "Eden's fire"

Hoath 'Codex II"

Hocculta 'Warning games"

Holy Cross "Under the flag"

Homselvareg "Homselvareg"

Honey for Christ
"The darkest pinnacle"

Horna "Unleashes"

Horned Almighty "The devil's

Horrid "Rising from the hidden

Hürlement "De sang et d'acier"

Iced Earth "Overture of the wicked"

IC REX "Valonkantajan alkemia"

Incrsus "Eternal funeral trance"

Inferi "Shores of sorrow"

Infestus "Chroniken des ablebens"

Infinite Hatred "Hateful spell"

Injeskting Khaos "Salvation through

Inquisition "Nefarious dismal orations"

Invictus "Imperium paganum"

I Shalt Become "In the Falling snow"

Isole "Throne of void"

Israthoum "Black scenery avatar"

Isthar "Chaos death reincarnation"

Iuvenes "Triumph of the will"

IXXI "Assorted armament"

Jack The Ripper "Back on the attack"

Janvs "Fvlgvres"

Janvs "Vega"

Jex Thoth "S/T"

Jumalhämärä "Slaughter the messenger"

Kamelot "One cold winter's night"

Kat "Metal and hell"

Kat "666"

Kreator "At the pulse of kapitulation"

Krieg "Blue miasma"

Krhom "thehaunting presence"

Kult "Winds of war"

Lantlôs "Same"

Legion Of Sadism "The great world
of satan"

Locus Mortis "Voust"

Lonewolf "Made in hell"

Lord Wind "Atlantean monument"

Lunar Aurora "Andacht"

Lunar Aurora "Weltengpänger"

Magnum "Like borthers we stand"

Magnum "Wings of heaven"

Manowar "The sons of odin"

Manowar "Gods of war"

Manowar "Gods of war live"

Massacre "Tyrants of death"

Medieval Steel "The dungeon tapes"

Melancholia Estatica "Letum"

Memory Driven "Relative obscurity"

Menace "Quake metal"

Messiah "Powerthrash/the
infernal thrashing"

Messiah's Kiss "Dragonheart"

Metal Inquisitor "Doomsday for the heretics"

Mind Propaganda "The First Strike"

Minhyiath "Gondolyn"

Minotaur "God may show you mercy
...we will not"

Misery's Omen "Hope dies"

Mob Rules "Ethnolution"

Moomspell "Under satanae"

Mor "Hram krvi i praznine"

Morbid Insulter "Thundering evil"

Morbid Saint "Spectrum of
death – Destruction system"

Morbid Angel "Altar of madness"

Mortal Sin "An absence of faith"'

Morturus Infradaemoni "Daemon qui
fecit terram"

Motörhead "Kiss of death"

Motörhead "Motörizer"

Murk "Unholy presences"

Nargaroth "Semper fidelis"

Nargaroth "Dead-incantation' DVD

Nastrond "Muspells synir"

Nazxul "Black seed"

Nebiros "Kurwa satan"

Necromantia "The sound of lucifer
storming heaven

Necro Messiah "Antikerical terroristik
death squad"

Necroplasma "My hearse, my redemption"

Necros Christos "Triune impurity rites"

Nefandus "Death holy death"

Nemesis "Same"

Nerlich "Defabricated process"

Niflheim "Neurasthénie"

Nirnaeth "Thrown athwart the

Non Opus Dei "The

Nordafrost "Back to the shores of grey"

Nordisk Velde "In manch'
dunkler nach"

Nuclear Desecration "Desecrated temple
of impurity"

Nunslaughter "Hex"

October Falls "The streams of the end"

October Falls "The womb of primordial

Old Wainds "Death nord kult"

Onirik "Spectre"

Orenda "Back in the grave"

Orenda "The funeral"

Pagan Altar "Lords of hypocrisy"

Pagan Altar "Judgement of the deads"

Pagan Rites "Pagan metal"

Pale Divine "Cemetery earth"

Pest "Rest in morbid darkness"

Poison "Further down into
the abyss"

Primal Dawn "Zealot"

Profanatica "Profanatitas de demonatia"

Qrujhuk "Triumph of the
glorious blasphemy"

Ram "Forced Entry"

Raventhorn "The haunted house of
the possessed"

Reign In Blood "End all spiritual sacred lies !"

Repugnant "Epitome of

Ride For Revenge "Kings of snakes"

Rimfrost "A frozen
world unknown"

Rise And Shine "Empty Hand"

Rising Dust "1"

Rising Dust "Taste of fire"

Ritual Steel "Blitz invasion"

Root "Casilda"

Root "Daemon viam invcenient"

Root "Hell Symphony"

Root "Zjeveni" + "The Temple Of The Underwold"

Ruins "Cauldron"

Sabatan "Fire angel"

Sacred Steel "Live blessings"

Sacrilegious Impalement "S/T"

Satan "Live in the act"

Satanic Funeral "Night of the goat"

Satanic Warmaster "Revelation"

Sathanas "Flesh for the veil"

Sauron "Thrash assault"

Sauron "The channeling void"

Saviours "Into abaddon"

Saxon "The eagle has landed III"

Saxon "Into the labyrinth"

Scald "Will of the gods is great

Scorpions "Hour I"

Scepticflesh "Communion"

Serpentcult "Trident nor fire"

Shellshock/Dark Angel "The demos"

Shining "V - Halmstad"

Sick "Satanism, sickness, solitude"

Siebensünden/Teratologen "Split"

Silva Nigra "Epocha"

Skid Row "Revolutions per minute"

Slayer Magazine "N°1 à 5"

Slugator "Circle of death"

Sodom "Same"

Sodom "The final sign of evil"

Solfernus "Hysteria in coma"

Sombres Forets "Quintescence"

Space Eater "Merciful angel"

Sparta "Same"

Spearhead "Deathless steel command"

Spearhead "Decrowning the irenarch"

Spear Of Longinus "Nothing is
forever, and forever is nothing"

Sterbend "Dwelling lifeless"

Stillborn "Manifesto de blasfemia"

Storming Darkness "Sin-thesis"

Stormhunter "Crime And Punishment"

Stormtrooper "Armies of the night"

Stormwitch "Stronger than heaven"

Stutthof "And cosmos from
ashes to dust/Through the dark age
we are dreaming"

Subrosa "Strega"

Superchrist "Headbangers"

Superchrist "Defenders of the filth"

Svarti Loghin "Empty world"

Svartsyn "Timeless reign"

Svartthron "Bearer of the crimson flame"

Svyatogor "With wolfish stalk by winhs of black"

Tank "War of attrittion"

Taranis 'Same"

Tenebrous "Opus magnum"

Terrorama "Omnipotence'"

Terror Throne "World on it's knees"

The Austrasian Goat "Same"

The Dead "Start killing"

The Gates Of Slumber "Suffer
no guilt"

The Gates Of Slumber"Conqueror"

The Frost "Damned and forgotten"

The Frost & Black Fire "Split"

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band "The beast must die"

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band "Blood for the boodking"

The Puritan "The puritan"

The Stone "Magla"

The Stone "Heke rane krvare vecno"

The True Endless "1888 - from hell"

Thoron "Return To Dust"

Thornafire "Exacerbed gnostic manifestaion"

Thornspawn/Enshadowed "Split"

Thrasher Death "Slaver"

Throneum/Revelation Of Doom "Total regression !"

Thunderkraft "Banner of victory"

Thundertale "Milzinai"

Thrustor "Night of fire"

Titan steele "The force"

Tokyo Dragons "Come on baby"

Totem "Same"

Trancelike Void "Destroying something beautiful"

Traumatic Voyage "Khiaoscuro"

Traumatic Voyage "Corgi ergo sum"

Trist "Hin-fort"

Tronus Abyss "Vuoto spazio trionfo"

Trouble "Simple mind condition"

Tymah "Loquitur cum algo sathanas"

Type O Negative "Dead again"

Tyrant "Days at the farm -
the anthology"

Tyran Reign "Same"

Uncreation Dawa "Death's tyranny"

Unleashed "Midvinterblot"

Urfaust "Drei ei rituale jenseits des kosmos"

Urgehal "Goatcraft torment"

Urna "Sepulcrum MMVI"

Urna "Iter ad lucem"

Urskumug "Am nodr"

Utlagr "1066-Blood and iron in hasting"

Velvet Caccon "Dextronaut"

Venom "Metal black"

Victimizer "The final assault"

Violent Assault Hell "3 ways split"

Volkolak "Hail to the god of the sun"

Vortex Of End "In satan and plutonium we trust"'

Vulcano/Nifelheim "Thunder metal"

Vulcano "Tales from the black book"

Vulpecula "In Dusk apparition"

Wall Of Sleep "...And hell followed with him"

Walls Of Jericco "Redemption"

Walpurgisncht"Die derwart gaen en keeren niet"

Warcry.US "Forbidden evil"

Wicca "Splendeed" Deed"

Witchburner "Final detonation"

Wolf's Hunger "Osveta u Krvi"

Wolfslair "Ateuv"

Woodtemple "Voices of Pagan

Zarathustra "In hora mortiis"


Demo Reviews
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Acrimoniois "The dawn of horns"

Affliction Gate "Severance"

Apocalypse Command "Same"

Arpyian Horde "Same"

Ars Diavoli "The absence of light"

Assaulter "Omnipotent"

Atomic Roar "School of lust"

Balmog "The discipline and poetry of pest"

Breizh Occult "La comtemplation du chaos"

Catacumba "Birkat ha mumim"

Craven Idol "Demo I"

Crucified Morals "Kill upon command"

Deceptor "Bound to the oath"

Eidomanium "Fear the master"

Embrace Of Throns "Stench of the deceased martyrs"

Embrace Of Throns "Chants of atomic genocide

For Bolg "Paganism"

Hateful Agony "Obey"

Hemoragy "Jesus king of wine"

Incorporea "Tongue of the moribund"

L.S.N. "Fall to the reich"

Metalhead "Demon"

Mog Ruith "Catatonic stellar illusion"

Mor "U spoznaji"

Mortuary Temple "Demo II"

Necromessiah "In nomine deus ecclesias igne ubsumor

Nocturnal Vomit "Divine profantion"

Nocturnal Vomit "Arts of tenebrous superstition"

Pestifier "Same"

Prickrott "Hate united"

Rebirth of Nefast "Only death"

Riotor "Death and destruction"

Scythian "Suffering to the conquered"

Siorai Geimhreadh "Solutide"

Slidhr "Demo"

Terrorama "The Cleansing"

Titan Steel "Fallen Star"

Unsafe 'Humand toxin"

Warninig SF "Not a chance in hell"

Wastelander "Infernal city black metal"

Wrathblade "War of the titans"