FRANANG ZINE is a zine dedicated to the underground side of the Metal scene being Speed, Thrash, Death or Black Metal as long as materials and attitude are fair and true to the bones.
As far as I remember the story began in mid of '96, not so early considering the evolution the Black Metal scene had taken since, with a short 16 A4 pages named Svarte Stavkirke (which more or less means "Black Wooden Church") then after two issues the stuff went on a full zine with more int', reviews.
All the previous issues were limited to avoid them featuring in too many hands as only the underground feeling rules !
The int' you can find in the pages are only with bands I deserve credits due to their underground activities and/or anti religious views. The aim of this zine is nothing but to satisfied my need in supporting bands whom records are playing on my turn table and nothing more…

Longing for Heavy and Metal music forever.

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