Not many new Black Metal combos can impress me as most of them sound like a second or third range, copy cat of Darkthrone. But STUTTHOLF successes in attracted me with their debut 7EP which sounded a bit like Emperor's demos, you know this kind of symphonic B.M that is fearful and obscure. Then with the re-release of the "And Cosmos From Ashes To dust" I decided to have a chat with Acherontas who handles all instruments.

Hail, which records will you pick for this interview ?
Hail! Until now we have 2 full albums on CD and LP, 2 7eps which the one is split with Satanic Warmaster,1 split CD with gauntlets sword, 1 tape with French band Nemeton, also all of our releases are out in tape to support the true underground, and our first demo cdr was out in 1998 with the ex name of the band as Worship. (huh ? that wasn't really the question…-ed)

First of all could you explain the meaning of the band name ? What does it mean exactly, I found some connection with the Second World War on the net ?
You are right ! It was the playground for the jews.. We are not a NS band and we are not dealing with politics in my band ! We chose this name for the simple reason: no sympathy at all for these sub humans.

I discovered your band through a pretty awesome 7EP released through Eclipse Record "An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddess", so could you tell us a bit about the previous releases how do they sound and were they in the same musical vein ?
Yes they are in the same dark and cold vein but more professional (about production).

According to me STUTTHOLF musical direction is not that much easy to play, you use the symphonic and majestic touch in your Black Metal that have most of the time turned really childish in many other combos while you reached a kind of dark and fearful atmosphere in your tunes, so I was wondering it's hard for you to compose new songs and have you used all the tunes you've written yet ?
I create music only when I have inspiration and I feel it !! I am checking to express all my soul in this black art musically and philosophically !! Black Metal is an art and must be created straight through your inner self..

The cover of your 7ep showed your faces while the cover of the new release "And Cosmos From Ashes to Dust…" display skull with 2 kind of phoenix turned into a macabre way, would you explain us the meaning behind this cover ?
The cover deals with the title "And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust". The destruction of humanity and the survival of the chosen ones...the serpent race of the mighty goddess tiamat !!

Demogorgon is also involved in Legion Of Doom, Wintergods and Demogorgon so what was his need to play in another band ?
With Demogorgon we are brothers a lot of years and the cooperation was very simple. He supports me during all of these years and first of all we are brothers in blood and darkness....

You always use long sentences for your release titles and song titles, that was something pretty common in the 95's with bands such as Satyricon, Emperor or even Bal-Sagoth. I found that the paroxysm of ridiculous long title was reached with Bal-Sagoth, they used such long sentences that many jokes were done with their titles. So, why do you use such long sentences don't you think it's a bit outdated now ?
I don't care and I don't like Bal Sagoth..

I'd like you to enlighten us about the text that featured in the inlay card, you stated about the fame and money that reign in B.M milieu and the trendy bands. Honestly if you consider yourself as a Satanist why should you give a single fuck about them, a Satanist lives for himself and praises his own glory. Furthermore, I don't think that kind of text is useful, why don't you just fuck them as Sad Ex did for instance ?
We are pride Satanists !! and I don't give a fuck for them, it is just propaganda! I don't care to wake up anyone, the herd must be herd and the predator hunts the prey. I don't think that I spend any energy when I wrote this...

You melt politic with Black Metal through your imagery and lyrics, there has been thousands of chats about that mix, some think that as Black Metal should be as extreme as possible it can melt any extreme ideas being from sex, murder, politics, annihilation while others think that politic aims is to educate a population or at least conduct it that is in total opposition to primitive Black Metal concept, I'd like to get your philosophy on that part of Black Metal….
Anyone can believe anything he wants, I don't care what the people believe. I know and I keep it for me.


The music from 2 of your tracks are taken from "The 9th Gate" movie, I guess you used this movies because it has some kind of mystic feeling, and deal the search of mighty, inhuman power, is that right ?
This film is one of my favourite and it has a great occult feeling behind it intelligent messages ! Maybe we must give it as a gift with our CD !! haha!

Could you explain the topics of your lyrics, what kind of lyrics do you write , judging from the song titles they seem to deal with magic and lycanthropic themes….
Our lyrics deals with Satanism, astronomy, astral vampirism, lycanthropic themes and generally with occultism!!!

In the very early days of 90's Greek scene was pretty strong with bands such as Varathron, Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Agatus, Zemial, Thou Art Lord. All these combos came with new concept, and a really dark, insane sound that later was labelled as the "typical Greek sound". Where you part of the raising scene and could you tell us your memories from this era ? By the way, what is your view on Rotting Christ for instance that completely wimp out ?
It was a great era. The music was great there was a lot of inspiration these days, the air was smelt different was really underground. The people followed these bands by truly respect in this art and not by trend, I still remember the day when I heard the "Scarlet Evil Witching Black" from Necromantia....

I know that the Greek scene is also rather famous for its Epic Metal scene, what is your regard on that bands who praised the glorious 80's years and come back with their ideas these days ? Are you into Heavy Metal by the way and what is your regard on the 80's NWOBHM ?
From the old Heavy Metal bands I am hearing just the old records of Manowar and Maiden...I don't like a lot NWOBHM.

Black Metal has been exited since now nearly 20 years, the aims has always been to fight against religions, but we can know admit that the music and ideologies hadn't changed anything and Black Metal is nothing less than another kind of Metal. I mean obviously some Metalheads have strong ideas and a kind of "live code" but not that much actually…so what's view on that ?
Black Metal is the expression of your inner self, a dark feeling that dwells inside an art !! Words are not enough..

How strong is christianity in Greece ? Do you suffer from the church in your country and are the government and religion linked in Hellas ?
Government and religion are one in any country. Religion is most powerful than the government. Christianity in Greece is in the same state as in Europe, the only problem is that the buildings are from stone.. haha !! They think that they live, exist, they exist in their illusions. They are weak and they need a god to live...I don't have problem with that, it is great. Imagine a world full of wise people, it is against the nature. In the world must exist the strong and the weak, the strongest rule upon the weaker and the clever upon the stronger, their god is dead. We killed him.

What is the future plans with STUTTHOF ? Do you think that you could play gig as you are only 2 members in the band ?
Maybe, we have something in mind...

Thanks a lot for your answers, close this int giving us some name of worthy bands from Hellas to check
Der Sturmer and Primeval Mass...thanks for the support !


Franang zine 25/10/06