Some years ago I did an interview with Revokation as I thought their demo tape really kicked ass, then I discovered another old school combo called "REPUGNANT" through their "Hecatomb" vinyl. They were playing a very obscure and deathly Metal, that was in the right vein of Nihilist, Dismember and so on. In 2005 I received the first full length "Epitome Of Darkness" that is nothing but a fucking awesome masterpiece of Death Metal. I mean we're the realm of cruelty and gloomy feeling here, not happy jumping shitty Death. Actually an int' was planned for the 10th issue but I never had enough time nor space in the paper zine, so I gave opportunity to Carlos Sathanas (bass) to give details about this split up combo. Read on his sarcastic answers and die !
Hail, what's up today ? Which records will you play while answering this interview ?
Yo! I'm listening to Nifelheim – "Devil´s Force". (what an excellent choice ! – ed)

Could you explain us what is the status of the band right now ? Is it still active or not ? And if you split could you give us the reason as "Epitomes Of Darkness" is an excellent release ?
We are dead (!) fukk you ! (fukk you too and bang that fukking head ! –ed) and split up because we didn't have anything more to offer the French people.

I guess the early days of REPUGNANT were under Revokation ? How does it happen that Mary played in Revokation, recorded only 2 demo tapes that were fucking killer, they conveyed such dark and ugly feeling, but they never recorded any full length, nor were signed to any labels ?
I don't think that Mary has played in Revokation but I know that he has written some halfassed lyrics for the Revokation-song “The Old One's Abbey” and the reason why they didn't get signed was because they sucked. (“Nuclear Winter Records” has released a 7” version of “Reincarnated Souls Of Hell”).

It's obvious that early REPUGNANT's influences were Nihilist, Carnage, Merciless from Sweden and early Entombed both in the feeling of the way you play and in the sound. Were you in the Death Metal scene in the end of the 80's in Sweden and what can you remember from this primitive Swedish Death Metal scene ? Were you in touch with Morbid's guys and Dead ? Do you have memories from him ?
Oh really ? No, I was not a part of the scene in the late 80´s..I was walking around in my diarrhoea-stained diapers back then…so yeah, I knew Dead ?

If I'm not wrong a member of REPUGNANT did all the lay out and drawing in "Hecatomb" lay out, didn't he ? I think he was the same who did the Revokation demo cover ? Is it his full time job ?
Yes, Mary Goore did the artwork for “Reincarnated Souls Of Hell”, he has done all of the artwork for REPUGNANT as well but the early stuff were assembled by Ketolahelvete and “Epitome Of Darkness” was assembled by E. of Watain…and no, Mary is unemployed.

You shared a 7ep with Pentacle who covered "The Beasts Of Apocalypse" while you were offering a personal tune "Mortal Remains", who came up with this idea and what is your view on this EP as I found it awesome ?
No, no and NO ! (ho fuck I'll try stop drinking while creating questions –ed ) "Mortal Remains” is written by a band called Obscurity…and I guess it was Cronis (maybe that's Cronos in french?) idea (the guy who runs “To the Death Records”)…regarding our contribution, something got fucked-up…it's way to fast and the vocals sounds like it has been done by a weasel on speed.

"Hecatomb" MLP ends with an excellent Celtic Frost cover "The Usurper", how did you come to cover this tune as many bands cover the Swiss band and this song especially ? Why didn't you choose a less well known band to cover ?
Basically just because it's a great song and we do it much better than any other band…don't you think ? (indeed-ed)

You covered a Nihilist tune "Carnal Leftover" on "Premature Burial" , as I don't have this release I'd like to you tell us a bit more about this material ? Why did you cover this song especially ?
You can buy it, Soulseller Records have one copy left. It's a rough mix of the song “Premature Burial” and “Carnal Leftovers” is an old version from the “Hecatomb”-sessions
and it's a great song so why not make a cover-version of it. And the b-side consists of shitty live versions of “Morbid Ways” and “Mutilated Remains” from a sold out show in Sundsvall, Sweden.

"Epitome Of Darkness" is a fucking obscure and macabre Death Metal album, not many bands can record such kind of quality D.M and the dark side of your album reminds me a lot early Entombed melted with Morbid Angel, so are you satisfied with this record and how long was to writing process ?
Thank you, I agree…it took like 5 years to write the album since a few songs is from the beginning of REPUGNANT and “Hungry are the Damned” was written about a month before we entered the studio. We are really satisfied with the album.

I was wondering if you developed a concept all along REPUGNANT's albums either through lyrics or covers lay out ? If so would you explain us this concept ?
Cant you tell ? It's Total Death Metal !

The early days of Death Metal were pretty dark and untamed with bands playing a very satanic music, dressed in leather and spikes. Bands such as Possessed, Incubus/Morbid Angel, Death, Deicide and many others had a strong satanic imagery which nearly totally disappear today, do you agree with me ? And what do you think of the military look that is now in Death Metal scene and or even the lack of look of many bands ?
Yes, I agree with you…what can I say, most bands suck !…all bands should look like Sarcofago.

Could you describe the gear you used in REPUGNANT, what kind of amps, effects and guitars had you to get the typical Swedish sound on records ?
We used Marshall amps, B.C Rich guitars and Boss-distortion pedals and if you don’t get it to sound right...don't ever form a band.

By the way, many old school Swedish D.M releases have the same kind of sound that feature in early Entombed, Dismember's album. I think it's the very trademark of this scene, but can you remember who came with this typical guitar gain and how was it created ?
Tune down and turn it up!

You guys have always released each of your materials on vinyl, which I think is a mark of quality and integrity when it comes to Death Metal. I was wondering if you were collecting vinyls yourself and how important is your collection ? What are the jewel pieces you could kill for ?
”Draped in Cerecloth” is not released on vinyl…yet. All of us in REPUGNANT collect records so it's very important for us and there's way too many records to mention that we want…it never ends.

Are you into the orthodox Black Metal scene and bands such as Malign, Funeral Mist, Ofermod and so on ? What do you think about their view on religion and their behaviour acting like religious people ?
Don't forget Watain…yeah, I like some Orthodox Black Metal bands but I don't give a shit about what people believe in.

Have you been raised under a Christian family ? I mean what led you to play an anti Christian Metal and why are you fighting against Christianity ?
No, I was not raised in a Christian-family…I started to play “anti-christian”-Metal because darkness and evil appeals to me…but I do believe that religion sucks.

Many people in mankind history agree to state that a strong Christianity during Medieval Times helped Europe to develop in many different ways like architecture, literature, sailing and in cohesion between people through wars and civilisation organisation. Obviously we shouldn't forget that the dark side of religion prevented from new theories through Inquisitions for instance. But as a general view the religious times in Europe created a real union within same community, have you even noticed that and do you think that we are now suffering from a lack of cohesion in Europe since there's a great bunch of other religions in the continent ?
As I said earlier…religion sucks!

What was your reaction when it comes to Jon Nödtveidt's death from Dissection, I feel like his death has some mystic meaning behind : his death is very closed to Dead's death : shooting his head, mentioning his was going to Transylvanian and so on…?
I didn't know him but I thought it was a “joke” when I heard it. My reflections were the same as yours…Dissection rules !

Thanks a lot for this interview, what are the upcoming plans when it comes to REPUGNANT or other Metal activities ?
No problemo (I'm not Spanish man ahahah-ed), well …the plans regarding REPUGNANT is to release “Epitome Of Darkness” on vinyl…Sid E. Burns is in General Surgery and myself and Tom Bones have a Death Metal project…so we will be busy writing songs.