MYRKR is a rather young band that has recorded one demo tape, two 7 EP and a split EP so far. Their last material is a split with Nastrond through the French label Debemur Morti. Their two tracks from this split unveil quality Black Metal from Sweden, a bit in the orthodox Black Metal vein. As the band isn't that much famous right now, Franang zine took up the opportunity to ask them questions about their band and ideologies. This two members band introduce us a bit more into their realm even though their answers are pretty short. (interview done 14/06/07)
Hail, how is the beer today ? Which albums will you pick while answering this interview ?
Alcohol is for retards. Right now I'm listening to De Novissimis "Nothing Grows Here".

Could you briefly introduce your band to readers ? When did you create MYRKR ? The band name means darkness, doesn't it ?
Yes the name means darkness, basic but effective. We started around mid 2004 as a two-piece and have remained so since.

Your band is pretty new as you started in 2004, how old are you ? How do you feel yourself in front of older band members from Scandinavian B.M scene from bands such as Sorhin, Funeral Mist, The Black, Arckanum, Ofermod, Nastrond which started in the early 90' ?
We may not have started MYRKR as early as those bands, but we were both around then so we are old enough.

The first official MYRKR material was a 200 copies limited demo tape, "Rekwiz" that contained 3 tracks and an intro. How was the feed back then ?
The demo sold out pretty much straight away and had good feedback. Lots of labels contacted us and stuff. We had offers to release the demo too but we decided to do it by ourselves.

According to me "Rekwiz" demo tape was a conventional B.M tape without any thrilling parts. I mean your compositions were well written, the production was tigh but there weren't any original nor exceptional ideas in, do you agree with me and how do you see this early work ?
"Rekwiz" is real Black Metal, just pure darkness. Musically it may not have been groundbreaking but the thing that separates us is the fact that we are serious as opposed to the fucking clowns that pollute Black Metal. The only regret I have is using drum triggers.

What's interesting is that you thanked Nastrond in the first demo tape, then in 2007 you recorded a split with the Swedish band, was it planned from the bigining ?
It was planned from very early on. Vordr and Draugr/ Karl N.E. have been friends for many years so I guess it was natural that we would work together. Karl also wrote and recorded the vocals for a track on the demo.

What surprised me when you released the first demo tape is that you didn't get a deal with Total Holocaust Records from Sweden. According to me, that'd have been the prefect label in 1995 from the band, do you agree with me ?
We got a lot of offers. We chose who we thought best at the time.

The 2005 EP was release through Drakkar Production and now the new materials is through Debemur Morti that is once again a French label. Why do you prefer to deal with French labels ? Do you think they're more serious than Swedish ones ?
It's really just a coincidence. The fact that they are French doesn't matter. DMP is really fucking dedicated though.

Let's keep on with this topic, how did you get in touch with Drakkar and Debemur Morti ? Do you think Drakkar's effort toward the band was enough strong ? What do you expect from the new French label ? Will you record a full length with them ?
We will never work with Drakkar again. That is all I will say on this matter. Our full length will indeed be released by DMP. Hopefully at the end of 2007.

The songs from the split with Nastrond show a completely different MYRKR. The tunes are more powerful, and more complex in comparison to your debut. How has MYRKR evolved in the writing process of songs ? Now we can clearly feel the Swedish Orthodox B.M scene influence in your tunes….
The song writing process hasn't changed at all actually. The production might be a little different but that's about it. We are not involved in, or influenced by orthodox Black Metal. Some of this stuff is good, but that's it. We are just becoming more capable of realizing our ideal picture of MYRKR.

What is your regard on bands like Dark Funeral and Marduk who completely wimped out ? I mean they are ridiculous and out of the B.M ideologies with their attitudes and promotional pictures. I feel like these 2 bands are just here to satisfy 15 years old teenagers who want "evil" music….
I don't listen to either of these bands so I don't have much of an opinion. Marduk has a better vocalist now, that's about it.

As you come from Gothenburg, I'd like to know your view about the famous melodic Death Metal scene from this town. Furthermore what are the bands you support in this area ?
I don't come from Gothenburg, I come from Dublin. Melodic Death Metal is fucking shit in my opinion (besides At The Gates). The only Gothenburg band I care about these days is Nastrond.

Black Metal music is twenty years old now and most of the ideas and concepts have been used so far; very few bands are able of creating something original today. Most of the new releases are influenced from Darkthrone, Mayhem or Burzum, so do you think that everything has yet been done thence it's pretty useless to look on the new materials ? What does still attract you in the scene ?
I think the main elements of Black Metal must remain intact, otherwise it's not Black Metal. All too often band try to be "original" and fails miserably. Just because a band must abide by certain fundamentals doesn't mean they will sound like everything else. Worthy bands will breathe their own character into the sound. Regarding the scene, I'm not interested. There are a couple of decent bands but I have as little involvement as possible. I just take care of my own interests.

Do you consider yourself as a satanist ? If so what does it really mean in your everyday life ? The Satanist concept has evolved a lot since the early days of Scandinavian B.M. while in the 90's it was more about actions, the concept is much ideologies today, do you agree ?
I hate the word "satanist". The term has been fucking raped by losers trying to belong to something. Anyway, there are so many different interpretations that it is completely meaningless at this stage.

Life is a long evaluative process, many events in life are crucial and help to create its own personality and philosophy. Black Metal music can be seen as an important part of life between teenager and early adult to brand man brain and ideology. Thence how do you see your own evolution and how has B.M music changed you ?
I don't think Black Metal has changed me personally. Rather there are things within that could relate to it, that's the thing that got me involved in the early days. If you can be influenced that easily, you are a weak piece of shit. Worthless.

Let's keep on this topic, do you stand for Crowley sentence "Do What Thou Wilt" ? Do you believe in rules and borderlines in life ? How do you see your ultimate spiritual core ? Do you feel that you could one day reach the quintessence yours ?
It's a grand idea, but not practical. Personal space is very important and that needs to be respected. If my personal space is invaded, then I will let go. I will reach my spiritual pinnacle by keeping my mind and body pure. I will grow by crushing my enemies.

Thanks a lot for your answer, feel free to close this meeting….
Thanks for the time.