I got a contact of a lad who was supposed to send my Exciter's interview to Dan Beehler (that is about to be finished and on line soon), then this lad, Paul Champagne, asked me if I were interested in listening to his band. Few weeks later I received his demo CD that is rather a great piece of Thrash/Black Metal in the Scandinavian way, even though Paul doesn't really agree with my description hu-hu. Unfortunately his band no longer exists anymore since this interview, but I gave room for Paul to explain this and that about MOG RUITH.

Hail Paul, how are you today ? Which albums will you play for answering this interview ?
Hammers of Misfortune "The Locust Years"

Could you explain your brief session in EXCITER as you are not on any records ? You were part of EXCITER in 2003 right ? How did you join this combo and why did you leave ?
I was in the band for only 6 months or so and I didn't do any recording with them. I left because it was no fun at all. John has a vision on how Exciter should be and I respect that. I just don't think he was happy having me in the band anyways so I decided to leave. I didn't want to compromise myself any further.

What is your best memory in EXCITER and how do you see the future of this band as you're no longer part of them now ? Do you enjoy their new tunes ?
Well since I was only rehearsing with them for a short while there are no good stories to share. As for the music, I don't really like the new stuff to be honest. I much prefer the first 3 albums with Dan on the vocals. There was a certain raw emotion emanated from that era of Exciter. The Raw aggression of their sound was very influential on a lot of bands in my opinion.

Looking back at Exciter's discography what is the best album to you and the best song ever written from this combo?
The first album to me is the best. As for a particular song, I would have to say "Mistress of Evil".

Catatonic Stella Illusions

I'd like you to introduce us to MOG RUITH ? What does this name mean and what is the concept ?
It's Celtic in origin...Like I say over and over; it's quite a contradiction because none of us are Irish. You can just Google the name to find more information (so Mog Ruith is a Celtic druid that mainly appears in a text titled Forbuis Droma Damhghaire –ed)

How has been the feed back for "Catatonic Stellar illusion" so far ? Did you get some negative press or pressure to play a more "conventional" Heavy Metal than Black / Death Metal ?
No, the reviews have been good so far. We never conformed to a particular style. The 3 of us have very different taste when it comes to anything Metal and we just did what we could as a 3 piece band. As for being influenced to play a certain style that would never have happened since we don't conform…at least I never would.

Even though "Catatonic Stellar Illusion" is a demo tape, it was recorded in a professional studio and lasts for more than 40 minutes. So, I was wondering did you record something of lower quality before this demo and why didn't you ask a label to print it immediately ? I mean it's a fucking strong demo that could have been the first full length ?
The album you have before you is the first recording and unfortunately will be the last. We decided to print it ourselves and then send it out to labels and see what would happen. Krankenhaus records based in Toronto set-up our distro deal. I'm pretty happy with the deal to be honest.

When reading your lyrics from the demo, they're rather dark and catastrophic, I'd even say satanic here and there. You describe the fall of christianity and mankind. How do you see our society and do you think christianity still has any part in everyday life as nearly nobody attends churches in the Western countries ? Except for Americans that are still stupid christian sheep, this religion is like an old lady ready to die any day…
Well the lyrics are more of an emotional state rather than a social/political approach. I wrote them all and they just reflect my thinking at the time and place when they were written. As for Christianity there is so much hatred fuel by their dogmatic ways and conventional thinking that I find it complete waste of time to even think about it or to wage and kind of campaign against it. That's an exercise in futility… In my opinion Christianity will die out on its own. It will probably get worse before it gets better and the healthiest thing to do is to not even pay attention to it. Even if the mainstream religions as a whole were to eventually fade away human king would


inadvertently find something else to propagate and spread. There will always be ponds among kings. I mean its common knowledge that Christianity spread through Europe and replaced the pagan religions and/or traditions but that was such a long time ago and even if it didn't happen would we still be pagans? Probably not. Although, if you think Christianity is a problem in Europe I would suggest taking a trip over to North America and you'll see the social impact it has over here. I am not a Satanist nor a pagan nor an atheist just Anti-God. I can't even begin to imagine a supernatural being in command of my life, actions and to say the least, my fate. We must remove the word of god from everyone's mouth and thoughts and just be HUMAN and accept that as the whole truth, nothing more nothing less. Be happy for what you are, don't question it but question everything. Life is not static, we change, we grow, we learn with the passing of time. Our philosophies and outlooks will always differ as we enter different stages of life. Accept change and accept the fact that you will cease breathing one day. Be wise to the facts that are before you let alone the superstitions, fables and false truths that are not. If you must believe, believe in yourself. If you must pray, pray for a better god. If you must worship, worship individuality.

On your web site you state being fans of early Heavy Metal and bands such as Mercyful Fate, Slayer but the music you play in MORG RUITH is more like Black Metal than conventional Heavy stuffs, please explain…
I hate the moniker of BM because we are really not that at all. We don't associate ourselves with that style. Melodic Thrash is more like it.

Let's keep on this topic, are you fans of the Scandinavian Black Metal scene as your band really sounds like Dissection and has the typical Swedish touch ? Have you ever been in this country by the way ?
I am more so than the others but in a very limited way. I like 80's Metal for the most part. I mean I do listen to some new bands but I am very selective. I am currently spinning the new Fate album simply called V, its glam tinged melodic Metal. I prefer soaring powerful vocals. Yes, I have been to Sweden.

Paul you have a French name and I know that you can speak French perfectly, so what is your view on our national scene ? Were you a fan of the early Hard Rock bands such as Sortilege, H-Bomb, Satan Joker, Blaspheme, and Morsure ?
Oui, bien sur, je parle très bien le français ! Sortilège were an excellent band. The vocalist was totally underrated. I am not familiar with the other bands you mentioned.


Were there some underground bands from the 80's that really impressed you such as Piledriver, Satan's Host, Hobb's Angel of Death, Soothsayer, and Exorcist ? Which were your favourite bands in the 80's by the way ?
Well I love that one off album by Exorcist, classic stuff. I've heard some Hobb's but not much. Once again don't know the others you mentioned. As for classic 80's stuff I would have to say Kreator, Atrophy, Destruction, Celtic Frost and so on.

I feel like there's a revival in the 80's Canadian scene with bands such as Annihilator, Exciter, Voivod, Infernal Majesty since the death of Piggy, or at least I feel like there's more interest in this scene, do you think so ? What is your view as a Canadian Metalhead ? By the way are you into some Canadian Black Metal bands such as Frozen Shadow, Funerary Call (even though I don't think they're still active), Tenebrae ?
I think there has been a revival for many years now. As for being Canadian and a Metalhead it's tuff, especially here in Ottawa were the scene is not big at all. In Montreal it's night and day in comparison. There is so much happening there, lots of bands are starting to get recognition and record deals. I'm not too familiar with the bands from there but I know it's a thriving scene. With the exception of Montreal I would say Metal is very underground in Canada but at the same time our country is so spread out that it's hard to have a big concentration of people into metal.

According to you what are the differences between the Canadian scene and the European one ? I sometimes feel like the Canadian scene was the backyard of the American Bay Area scene if you get my point…
I think Canada was the Bay area's little cousin ! Just kidding...I definitely think Canada had their on style that stood out quite well among the many American and Euro bands.

Thank a lot for these answers, would you end this interview giving you the future plans with the band ?
Unfortunately the band is no more...But our little spec in time will last forever.