Spain has never been very famous when it comes to Heavy and Thrash Metal in the 80's. Some of you might remember Baron Rojo that were more into traditional Heavy Metal. But this is not this band that'll interest us today as was releasing some of the strongest and fastest release in Spain; FUCK OFF. With such a straight in the head name and powerful record "Hell On Earth" released in 1990, this band was challenging Slayer, Onslaught or even Kreator. As the label Dark Rails re-released this famous album by the end of 2006, I took the opportunity to get information about this dead and buried band. Pep (guitar and vocal) answered this interview and tell us some words about his new combo "Barbarian" ( August 2007

Hail, are you doing today ?
Fine thanx, I'm working on the last issues of Barbarian's next album.

Could you remember how you got into Metal and what were the first releases you discovered ? Back in the 80's it was a pretty common to listen to Metal through little radio stations that played underground stuffs in France, was the same for you
I first got into Metal after listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Rainbow........and when I was child I could listening to Radio Luxembourg, which played good rock music.

Let's introduce your band explaining how FUCK OFF was born ? Who were the very first members and how old were they ? Did you only cover bands before getting own materials ?
FUCK OFF was formed in 1987 and I entered the band in 1988 after their single release "People In War", substituting one of the guitarists. The members of FUCK OFF were all approx. 20 years old. We focused on our tracks, although we did do a few covers of Slayer, Metallica, Motorhead.....
Line up on single "People In War": Joe-vocals, Xevi-guitar, Ringeling-guitar, Jackson-bass, Miki-drums.
Line up on LP "Another Sacrifice": Joe-vocals, Pep-guitar, Ringeling-guitar, Jackson-bass, Miki-drums.
Line up on LP "Hell On Earth": Pep-guitar and vocals, Ringeling-guitar, Jackson-bass, Miki-drums and vocals on tracks 6 and 9.

Why did you choose FUCK OFF as band-name ? It sounds much more being a Punk band name than a Thrash one ? Did the Punk scene back influence you then ?
No we weren't influenced by Punk music in fact none of us liked that style. I don't like songs without a guitar solo.The name FUCK OFF came from their singer, Joe, who came up with the name.

According to Metal-archives the first effort from FUCK OFF was a single out in 1988 released through Justine Records containing two tracks "Fuck Off" and "People in war", thence does it mean you never released any demo previously ? And could you explain how a label signed you immediately ?
Before the single there was no demo, the label picked us up really quickly because we were the first Thrash Metal band in Spain and we had a lot of followers.

Let's keep on this topics, the re-release of "Hell On Earth" contains 4 bonus tracks from 1992 demo. So, what happened between 1988 and 1992 that could explain you had a label for a 7EP then you had to record a demo tape by yourself later ?
"Hell On Earth" was the second and last record of FUCK OFF. The band split up in 1990 after recording these 4 tracks which should have been on our third record. These extra tracks have been added to the re-edition of "Hell On Earth".

Furthermore, on this 4-track demo you sang in Spanish while on the other materials you had English lyrics, do you think that Spanish language didn't help you to promote the band worldwide ?
I don't have a preference for a language as when I write songs they just come natural. I'm not thinking of the success of a song depending on it's language.

Can you remember how was the recording session for "Another Sacrifice" ? I guess you were pretty existed to record your first full length ? Are there any funny stories around this record ?

Yes, of course we were all very excited about it and even more going to Ibiza to record, where Judas Priest had recorded two of their albums !
I don't really remember any specific anecdotes, but of course, we had a really good time. The only thing I remember is that we recorded with equipment that Judas Priest had used in their recordings and the singer's mic had a pair of Nina Hagen's staking on it as filter !!!

"Hell On Earth" is one hell of a Thrash Metal album, you really recorded a fucking awesome release that had strong Slayer's influences, while the vocals were pretty close to Onslaught. Thence, it was definitely a masterpiece when it was out. Do you agree with me and what your view now on this album ?
Of course I'm very proud of the record, although it could have been much better if the record company had given us a higher budget to use the Birmingham studio, which wasn't really in optimum condition for more than just a week !

Let's keep on this topic, how does it come that with such a strong album you didn't get world wide recognition like for instead Kreator, Sodom, Living Death and so on ? According to you what lacked to FUCK OFF to break the world apart ? Do you think this album arrived a bit too late, as in 1990 the Thrash Metal scene had vanished ?
This album was harder and faster than the previous and the record companies here got scared with it because they thought it was so extreme and thought that there was no business in that style.

According to you, what is the best tune ever written by FUCK OFF and could you explain your choice ? How was the writing process of your band back in the 80's ?
Tracks like "Blasphemy", "Hell on earth".....are my favourite. I don't really have a defined process, sometimes the music comes first and then the lyrics and the other way round.

I guess FUCK OFF played several gigs in the 80's, how was FUCK OFF on stage and which gigs branded your mind ? Was there anything special during your gig ?
Yeah !!! When we started to play the audience went crazy and started stage-diving. We pretty much just played as wild as we could and headbanged throughout the show.In 1990 FUCK OFF split up, what were the reason of this event ?

Do you think that in '90 it was completely impossible to survive for a Thrash Metal combo as Death Metal was extremely popular and Black Metal was raising ?
Yes we split up in '90 because of problems between members of the band. Nothing to do with new musical tendencies.

Back in the 80's Spanish was really into Christian, so I was wondering if you had any trouble with police or authorities as your band that fought against religions ?
We sang in English and the priests didn't speak English !!! (hahah, well done ! –ed)
Songs like "Inquisicion" (in Spanish) gave no problems as they were never on TV...

You're about to record a new album with FUCK OFF, I really would like to know how the new tunes could sound ? How is difficult to write Thrash songs that will sound like in the 80's twenty years after ? How has your way of playing has improved since your teen years ?
First of all: FUCK OFF separated in 1990 and will never exist again as a band. The record I've just finished recording is Barbarian's second album. BARBARIAN has been playing thought Spain for the last 4 years. About composing 80's songs, I have no problems, as it is the only kind of music I can play !!!






Do you think that FUCK OFF could do come back playing a huge festival in Germany such as Keep It True, Wacken or n Sweden to Swedish Rock Festival ? Have you ever attented to such a festival and how was it ?
I insist, FUCK OFF will never get together again. It only lasted for 2 years. From 88-90.
In any case it will be Barbarian who would go to those festivals.

What were your activities between the split of the band and now ? What do you think of the new scene now in comparison to the 80's one ? According to you , what are the main differences between these two scenes and are there new combos that you really enjoy ?
I have been in several bands, trying to continue with the style I want to play until today with Barbarian, in which I have achieved this purpose.
In the 80's Metal was at its best years. Everyone went to see Metal shows, even smaller bands had lots of followers. Now people don't care so much about shows and internet has decapitated the music industry. It we were a minority in the 80's we are even more now !!!

You also play in Barbarian a band that I absolutely don't know, could you tell us a bit about it and explain why you choose to play in 2 different bands ?

As I said, FUCK OFF is part of the past. The only band I have at the moment is Barbarian, where I have been playing for the last 4 years.

The last years have seen a great number of coming back from Heavy and Thrash bands from the 80's, I can't mention them all as there're too many but do you follow these come back and which bands were you waiting for to see live again or to listen to their releases ? What do you think of these come back ?
There's a bit of everything here. There are bands which are still dignified and other bands that should have stayed there. I don't want to mention any names.

According to you, what are the five Thrash Metal releases from 80's that really branded your mind and definitely turned you toward the left hand path ?
"Reign In Blood" – Slayer, "Persecution Mania" – Sodom, "Terrible Certainty – Kreator, "Kill 'em All" – Metallica, "At War With Satan" - Venom

I guess that back in the 80's you were collecting vinyls and rare demos...could you speak about your private collection ? What are your jewel pieces you're very proud of ? Are you still buying albums today and are there new finding you really like ?
I have vinyls from the 60's to the last ones printed, as well as my CD collection. I still buy CDs, of course, originals. Never from internet !!!
The jewel pieces, of Slade I have the Spanish vinyl versions and English vinyl versions from the earlier 70's in LPs and singles, also from The Sweet.
I have vinyls picture disc of Free, Iron Maiden......I have rare version of "Ride The Lightning" from Metallica as a double LP version.....

Could you speak about the 80's Spanish Metal scene ? Honestly except for BARON ROJO I don't know many other bands from this country, so how was the scene back them, were there many fanzines, radio show, Metal shop, and Metal pub ?
In the 80's there was quite a lot of things going on. It's now that it's hard to find rock bars and the bands that have kept their popularity have always been the same ones B.R. etc......

Thanks a lot for your answers, I wish you the best for your come back and write fucking awesome Thrash Metal tunes !
Thank you very much for your interest. I'm not coming back, because I was always there, I'm always there and I will be always there.