Let's travel back in the end of 80's, early 90's years : the place is located in Finland, few demons were popping and created was one of the most extreme form of Metal the world ever experienced. Bands like Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Belial were establishing the root of the future Northern Black/Death Metal scene. ARCHOGAT was part of these combos delivering cruel, satanic and untamed Metal. These lads seem coming from Hell and were unleashing some terrible hymns covered with blood, leather and spikes. Now we're in 2007 and ARCHGOAT delivered one hell of album that can't be missed "Whore Of Bethlehem". Read short answers from Ritual Butcher (guitar). 06/02/07
Hail ! How are you today ? Excepted the new album what's the news from ARCHGOAT camp ?

How does it come that you wanted to release a full-length 13 years after the band split ? Furthermore, back in the 90's you only released demos, so why didn't you record a full-length during the early days ?
We did record a LP on 93. Releasing material is not related to time scale. This time we wanted to release a full length as our hymns were all tied together.

I'd like to congratulate you for the "Whore Of Bethlehem" CD, it's one of the most amazing Black/Death release in this Metal genre. You really captured the old and ugly feeling from the early Finish extreme Metal scene. I felt like his album was a kind of lost release you found in a chest. How is your view on this full-length and was it hard to come back with crushing tunes ?
The process of composing hymns varies. We have always had our vision how ARCHGOAT hymns should sound. "Whore Of Bethlehem" ended up like we wanted. We did all the sound engineering ourselves to achieve this.

Angelslayer and Ritual Butcher you're brothers, how does it come that you were interested in Metal and its blackest side, and who came up first into Metal land ? By the way isn't it a bit difficult to play with his brother ?
We have always shared same interests. Lyrics of old Hell Hammer and Possessed releases made us curious of this philosophy called Satanism when we were young. From that point we started to study more about this philosophy and felt it as our cause. I do not think it's any harder to play with brother compared to other people. The level of commitment is totally different when you have your own flesh and blood on the same project.

I was wondering either all tunes on the new release are new compositions or either some of them back from the demos' era ?
There are in fact few old parts from the 93 hymns. All other material is composed between 2004 – 2006.

ARCHGOAT started back in '89 in Finland and was one of the first band to play row Black/Death Metal. If I'm not wrong Beherit released their first demo in '90,while Impaled Nazarene had their first demo tape in '91. So, the scene was just starting, how was your view in the early day on the Finish extreme Metal scene ? And were you aware that something special was rising in Finland ?
The scene was smaller and people more dedicated than today. You did not end in the Finnish Black Metal scene by accident and this personal devotion is what I like compared to modern days. I have never thought too much about the nationality of the band. We shared the same country as Beherit and Impaled Nazarene, nothing more.

A while after the Scandinavian B.M scene got attention with the underground scene and bands such as Darkthrne, Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor, Fimbulwinter, Satyricon, how did you see this new scene ? I remember there was a kind of competition and even animosity between Norway/Sweden and Finland, Mika Luttinen was always spiting on Norwegian bands….
I have never liked the Norwegian style of Black Metal. Most of the bands are focusing more on their own rock star mentality than on the essence of Satanism on their music.

While the Norwegian and Swedish 90's scene turned famous because of satanic activities, Finland was rather quiet when it comes to grave desecrations, church burning, at least from abroad the Finland seemed exempted from brutality. Was that right ?

Back in the 60's there was a strong Satanic revival through Anton Lavey, Charles Manson and so on. There were lot of activities around the occult theories and even well known bands such as Led Zeppelin, Beatles, or Rolling Stones used the Satanic elements in their lyrics. Have you even taken care of that and are you into early bands such as Coven, Led Zeppelin ?
I found the whole CoS orientated Satanism to be just a joke. People are calling themselves Satanists and living by the quote “do as thou will…” True Satanist would say “do as He wills”. 60´s satanism is just a radical hippie movement who seems to use this term Satanism only to shock moral standards, not because they would be devoted.

The Satanist ideas' from the 60's were a kind of rebellion against the established government and rules, against the Hippy trend, and Flower Power ideology. They wanted to break all the rules, and it was more a kind of "do what you will" than anything else. Is your philosophy too ?
I am a traditional Satanist and worship the devil.

How do you see Black Metal music ? According to you is it a mean of war against religious ideologies, a way of enforce private thoughts or an aggressive hobby ?
As a large part of my life it is everything of those. My own philosophy in the form of noise.

I'd like to know your views on the actual scene, are there still some bands that impressed you in the extreme Metal scene ? By the way, don't you think that bands such as Bathory, Slayer, Metallica, Venom, Possessed were much more aggressive in their early days than any bands that are playing now ? I mean there was something unique in their shows and/or albums, they came with a huge fury and bestiality in their compositions without playing tunes full of blast beasts. Furthermore most of their debut releases had a poor productions but still kick ass…
I agree with you about the fury of the old bands except Metallica. Music was much harder to release back then and this situation prevented the large scale of crappy releases unlike today.
Those bands concentrated of creating their own music instead of copying somebody else's music and this gave them their unique sound and style.

According to you, how would you define an extreme Metal band ? Through Metal forums I sometime read reviews of B.M release done by fans then if fans tell bad words about production or originality of the CD, all of a sudden a member of the review band needs to give explanations as if he was trying to say "hey how come that everybody can't love my music ?" I think that behaviour is fucking ridiculous, if you really play in an extreme band then why should you care about others views, extreme music needn't to be consensual, don't you agree….
True to their own values and ideology.

Let's get back with your band, "Angelcunt" '93 EP was released by Necorpolis Rec back then, why did you choose this label and how were your relations with them ? This label also released the first Nifelheim debut album in 1995 that is a hell fucking masterpiece, do you agree with me and what were the bands on that labels that attracted you ?
I do not know much about which bands released material via NR. The deal we made with them was suitable for us and served the cause.

Who was responsible of the 93 EP cover ? I thought it was Chris Moyen but I didn't find hat cover on his web site…Furthermore that kind of black and white drawings were very much linked with the extreme Black/Death Metal scene of the early 90's don't you think so ?
The idea was ours and Chris Moyen drew the painting from that. Moyen did the arts of many influential releases and his style is pretty original. I like his style, because it is raw and brutal.

Has there been any plan to create a video clip of a ARCHGOAT tune ? Do you think that your band could fit to that media ?
I could not think of any meaning for creating any videos. We have live recordings and that's enough. We do not aim to get material released MTV.

Thanks a lot for your answers, is there any plan to come and play in France in the future ?
We'll be popping to France with Black Witchery on May.