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METALHEAD (Ger) "Demon" 7EP '06. 3 tracks. Killer Metal.
I've always supported small labels that take care of printing 7EP, as nearly nobody is anymore interested into this format. So, horns up to Killer Metal for this job. Now, what's Metalhead about ? Well, strangely enough this band is German but they play 80's NWOBHM from England. This is more than obvious that Judas Priest is their favourite band as both the vocals and the music are close to the UK band. I'd point the vocals that are really cool here, sounding like a mix between Halford and King Diamond, the only draw back is that sometimes the singer isn't on tune with the music. When it comes to the instruments, Metalhead can write crushing Heavy tunes, without reaching the genius of Titpon but the German lads have a real potential. Listen to the low tempo "Legion Of Death", a pounding tune and you'll understand this band knows how to play Heavy Metal. Get this items fro sure !


MOG RUITH (can) "Catatonic Stella Illusions" CD-Demo '05. 8 tracks, 47 min. Auto Prod.
Mog Ruith is Paul Champagne's band, who was the bass player in Exciter in 2003. First of all, this CD looks like a real album with pro printed cover and studio recording, so I'll consider it as an album rather than a demo. Mog Ruith is drastically different from Exciter as the new band is in the Black/Thrash field. The 9 tracks from "Catatonic Stella Illusion" are furious Black Metal with a strong Thrash touch in the guitar riffs, very influenced by the 95's Swedish scene. Actually I feel like listening to a mix between Bewitched for the Thrash parts and the speed temp and Dawn for the dark melodic B.M and Dissection for the technical song writing. Paul is doing the vocals here and I'll say he does it perfectly well, they're scolding and aggressive, once again typically in the Swedish vein. All along the 47 min Mog Ruith delivers a very dynamic and intense Metal, played by skilled musicians. Listen to the complex "Heathen Blood" tune, full of harmonies, fast guitar solos and strong rhythmic. Mog Ruith is a serious competitor in the Black Metal scene !!!!!!


MOR (Serbia) "U Spoznaji" Demo'06. 4 tracks. Forgotten Wisdom.
"U Spoznaji" is the first effort from this Serbian band; they deliver 4 hymns of Black Metal with Serbian lyrics. The core of their composition sounds a bit like Inferno's early demo, as both the production, the guitar gain and the vocals are similar. The band plays on long and simple song structures, that here and there could remind a bit "Hvist Lys Tar Hoss" or Darkthrone's debut albums without reaching their perfection. So, the four hymns are about traditional B.M, with a crude and demonic production. Nothing thrilling nor disappointing.



MORTUARY TEMPLE (Ger) "II". Demo'07. 6 tracks. Auto Prod.
This material isn't announced as a second demo but much more a "sign of life". That's a the primary information as I've never heard of this combo but as you'll read they worth to not be ignored. After a moody introduction, the band deliver their angry Black Metal that immediately reminds a mix between "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" and Nehëmah's work. The tunes are pure Scandinavian Black Metal in its most uncomfortable way. Mortuary Temple have written excellent hymns here that are cold, misanthropic and grim. The scolding vocals could remind you Malign. The band uses the standards of northern Black Metal but with such effectiveness that the result is very convincing. A full length would be welcome. Note the demo tape ends with Darkthrone's cover "Crossing The Triangle Of Flames".


No cover

NECROMESSIAH (Ita) "In Nomine Deus Ecclesias Igne Ubsumor" CD-Demo '03. 6 tracks, 17 min. Angel Of Death.
These Italian dudes play a typically Norwegian B.M that's been done so many time, so they know they've to be tight to stand against the other releases. The 6 tracks are in the right vein of "Transilvanian Hunger", with the cruel and cold song structures, background sorcerer vocals. This demo seems to be recorded live in their rehearsal room, as the drum has not that much power, and the guitar gain is rather poor. They end their demo with a so-so Venom ("Black Metal") cover, and Tormentor ("Tormentor") one that's ok. This is not a so bad band, but unfortunately this kind of B.M has been played so many times that there's nothing exciting here anymore.

NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) "Arts Of Tenebrous Superstition" 7'EP. 3 tracks. Terror From Hell.
When I first listened to this 7EP I felt like coming back in the early 90's discovering the first steps from Greece bands such as Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia when their music was at the edge of Black and Death Metal. Nocturnal Vomit got into all these bands then melted these influences with the most lugubrious D.M bands from USA such as Immolation, Incantation to write their tunes. The 2 tracks (as the 1st one is an introduction) are savage and macabre D.M with a haunting D.M growling. Even though N.V hadn't reached the quality of song writing of the previous mentioned bands they have the feeling to compose dark and death like songs. Actually their way of writing tunes is a bit too simple and easy going, the guitar riffs are rather basic. Some more complex ideas would be welcome. A typical old school D.M item !


NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) "Divine Profanation" Tape '06. 21 tracks. Rawblackcult.
This very long tape gathers the previous works from Nocturnal Vomit : "Infernal Ascension Of The Gods" demo 03, "Death Will Not Be Swift" Demo '04, "Barbaric Torture Squad" Rehearsal 01 and "Eternal Age Of Malevolence" Rehearsal 01. All along this tape you can follow the evolution of this band starting from rather primitive Death Metal to reach a bit more evolved Death/Black music. They've this typical Greek sound from the early 90's again and sound rather obscure. Even though all the songs are not equal, some of them being rather good piece of lugubrious Metal, the whole tape is rather boring as it's much too long and the songs are not of top quality when it comes to the song writing, not many of them are memorable. Mostly for fan of Nocturnal Vomit.

PESTIFIER (Bel) "Same" Promo'06. 3 tracks, 14 min. Auto Prod.
Pestifier delivers technical and brutal D.M in the American way; a bit à la Cynic, Atheist which means songs full of up-tempo and short breaks. They play their tunes in a pretty tight way, melting a mad shrieking vocal with death grunts and grinding drum parts. Even thought I really like the American bands mentioned above for their original way of playing back in the 90's I must say that I'm not into that kind of stuff and didn't get any pleasure to listen to that MCD.


PRICKROTT (Hol) "Hate United" Demo-CD'07. 3 tracks, 12 min. Auto Prod.
Here we have 3 tracks (plus an intro) of what could be labeled as industrial Black Metal, or even chaotic Black Metal. Indeed, the tracks sound like a blur veil of weird sounds, with a background drum machine and high pitch vocals melted with extremely distorted guitars. Thence, in one hand we've the classic electronic sounds from industrial music and in the other hand we've the brutality and coldness of Black Metal. But actually the result won't completely catch your attention as it's utterly impossible to understand a single riff. I feel like listening a very old vinyl that has been damaged by time.
REBIRTH OF NEFAST (?) "Only Death" Demo 07. 3 tracks. Debemur Morti
This demo tape contains only 3 tracks but last more than half an hour. Thence the compositions on this tape are about hypnotic and flickering Black Metal with very twisted guitar lines that work on your soul like an hammer. The music seems to come from nowhere, a kind of corpse without soul haunting your cells and destroying each part of them with a tormenting hate. The result is a very deathly and enigmatic Black Metal taking its sources from the early scene but with a modern approach.
RIOTOR (Can) "Death And Destruction" Demo-CD. 6 tracks, 21 min. Auto Prod.
It seems that 80's Thrash Metal is now strongly coming back : the Bay Area scene offers excellent new combos and their Northern mates from Canada are also striking back. Here we've a pretty young band called Riotor that is full of energy and Thrashing attitude. The 6 tracks from this demo are pounding Metal with a strong emphasis on the speed tempos and straight in the head riffs. The guitar headbanging riffs are perfectly melted with bulldozer-like drumming. Interludes such as in "Ode To Death" really remind early Kreator's work. Even though that Riotor is linked with the 80's Thrash scene, the vocals stand against the conventional ones. Here they're more early Death Metal like than high pitch screams you could find in 80's combos. A very convincing debut with great old school solos such as in "Void Of Emptiness". Obviously the demo ends with a Kreator's like kind of tribute through "Poser Hunt", a title that sounds more like being a Piledriver track than anything else !
SCYTHIAN (Uk) "Suffering To The Conquered" Demo-CD. 6 tracks, 28 min. Galatic Records.
Demos from the underground aren't not anymore what they were. If the early 90's offered talented bands with most of time a rehearsal sound; most of the actual demos have a studio production, and here's the concern with Scythian. The first tune smashes you down to earth with a fucking accurate barbaric Blackened Death Metal. The songs are terribly crushing, we can see Scythian is master in their land playing an evolved but brutal Metal that's at the cross road of Thrash, Black and Death Metal. Actually, I feel like listening a combo from Australia. Some of the tracks remind me a bit Gospel Of The Horns but with an emphasis on their D.M side. Even though the band is aggressive, it's not only brutality for the sake of it, there's a malign touch in their compositions. This demo ends with a speedy Bathory cover "Holocaust". A full length is about to be record and produce through Galatic Records. Watch out. For them !

SIORAI GEIMHREADH (Ire) "Solitude" Demo-CD'. 4 tracks, 17 min. Auto prod.
Through a rehearsal production that could remind you some of the early Black Metal releases, this Irish band performs a kind of Burzumish music. Indeed the raspy and high pitched vocals are pretty similar to the Norwegian lad, while the music is a mix between Burzum and Shining. Some parts such as the interlude of "Forest Of Thoughts" are very close to Shining's early ideas.The other riffs have been played some many times before in so many other combos that unfortunately there's nothing thrilling here. Actually this demo doesn't bring anything in the scene, neither with personal touch or original moments.


SLIDHR (Ire) "Demo"06. 3 tracks. Debemur Morti.
The French label took on to release some pro format demo tapes as it was printed back in the early 90's. Slidhr is the creation of a single man, Gast, that officiates into the field of Unholy Black Metal and torturous atmospheres. The core of this tape is very similar to the Orthodox Swedish scene, which means scolding vocals, extremely well written riffs and song structures with a strong emphasis on the lugubrious side. The 3 hymns are a travel in an hopeless land, annihilating any kind of human life. Actually this is the first demo from this Irish band and the album might be something of quality if the band keeps on playing this way. Note they've also released a 7ep just after this demo.


TERRORAMA (Swe) "The Cleansing" Reh '06. 5 tracks. I Hate Rec.
Here's a new rehearsal tape given by Peter from Terrorama to discover their new tunes. So, Terrorama is still playing symphonic B.M with nice chick singing about which vampire she's is about and so on…. Nah… fuck they're rotten into the Metal of Death, the fucking harsh one and obscure !! The new songs are once again old school Swedish D.M in the vein of early Nihilist, Merciless. Actually Terrorama must been considered as part of the new D.M scene from Sweden with bands such as Repugnant, Revokation, Kaamos. What I really like in this rehearsal is their untamed and wild feeling, reaching the borderline on extreme Thrash Metal and early D.M. The vocals are of great quality and macabre. They end their rehearsal with a Violent Force cover ! I don't have a single clue if you can buy it.

no cover
THROMBOSIS (Fra) "Carnage Metal Andematunnum" Demo '05. 4 tracks.
Thrombosis seems to be a new Black Metal band in the French scene. I didn't get any information with this demo, but I guess it's their first effort. The first track starts a bit like an old Gorgoroth's tune with vocals that sometimes remind me either Svartsyn or Dawn. But the comparison will immediately stop here as the 4 tracks are much more Death Metal oriented with little dose of brutal B.M. The compositions didn't appeal me at all; excepted from brutality the band can't deliver anything else. The vocals are extremely boring on the 3 last tracks and lake of deepness. Actually their material sounds so cliché and predictable, that Thrombosis won't reach the top band in French Metal scene for sure.


TITAN STEELE (Ger) "Fallen Star". 7'EP '06. 2 tracks. Anger Of Metal.
When drummer Martin Zellmer left Ritual Steel, he also took the band name with him as it belongs to him. The four remaining members found a new drummer and a new band name with Titan Steele which sounds very good to me. Unfortunately, that is not the full case of this EP. I mean, the track from the A side, "Fallen Star", with its happy sounding bores me to death, I hate that crap. Luckily, the other track, "Red Steele" is very good, it has the power, the threat, the epic touch, real Metal I was used to listening to with this German band. The B side prevents this EP from being a total crap. So I hope the A side was just an accident, because these guys proved they can deliver great Metal through the two great Ritual Steel LPs. For history, vocalist Randy Barron from the legendary American Speed Metal band Tyrant's Reign did an appearance as a guest backing vocals on "Red Steele". (P)


UNSAFE (Fra) "Human Toxin" CD'06. 4 tracks, 18 min. Auto Prod
Unsafe is a weird Death Metal band, or should I say it's typically the kind of D.M you could find in any little town festival if you travel across our country. They mix a kind of boring Machine Head music, with post modern D.M, staccato riffs through strange mid deathly growling. I got bored after 3 min of that music.


WARNING SF (Usa) “Not A Chance In Hell”. 7 EP ’05. 3 tracks. Stormbringer Prod.
This is the ’85 demo that was remastered in 2002 and it really sounds good. This demo was at first included as bonus-tracks on their “Aftermath” ’02 CD, but Swedish Stormbringer label had the excellent idea to release it on a vinyl (limited to 300 copies). When I mention Bay Area, you're thinking about Thrash Metal, but it’s a pity to forget old Power Metal bands like Laaz Rockit or Warning SF in this case. The three tracks rip you apart from the beginning to the end. This is Power Metal the way it is meant to be played : crushing, heavier than hell, making the head banging ‘till death. An awesome demo done by and for real Metal maniacs. A nice offer while waiting for the second album. (P)


WASTELANDER (Usa) "Infernal City Black Metal" CD-Demo'07. 8 tracks, 23 min. Auto Prod.
With such a band name and cover album, this band is obviously into 80's materials. Indeed, the 7 tracks (plus an intro) are about post modern apocalyptic Thrash Metal melted with some rock and Black ideas. The hardcore/Thrash Metal like vocals give a serious Punk attitude to their music, while the chainsaw is cutting some cool riffs here and there. Actually this band sounds like a mix between Chainsaw, Gehennah and Carnivor. The band even tries to write some atmospheric touches in tune such as "Knee Deep In The Dead". I've to mention the drum is done by a machine and destroys a bit the power of this instrument. All in all, the demo has some enjoyable moments, but it won't bring anything thrilling in the scene. PS: : please change this ugly cover drawing !!!!!.


WRATHBLADE (Gre) “War Of The Titans”. 7EP‘06. 2 tracks. Eat Metal.
This is the new band of ex-Raging Storm guitarist Chris Mosalos, and Wrathblade is currently the most exciting outfit coming from Greece. It’s not easy to precisely describe them as they have their own identity, but imagine a meeting between old Omen, old Running Wild and Brocas Helm. The two songs featured on this vinyl are anthems of hellish and epic Metal. Really great stuff ! If you are looking for killer Heavy Metal defending the Metal faith with class and conviction, get this 7EP ! (P)