How and when did you get into metal ? Which were the first bands you listened ?
Hail Patrick, I'm wondering why you interviewed me and not Hammerfall as you're the biggest fan on this band ! Anyway, I started to get metallised blood back in '86 with bands like Maiden, Accept, Kiss, Ac/Dc, Helloween, Wasp or even def Leppard (at that time they had great songs !)

How did you get the idea to create and print your own ‘zine ? Before Franang, there was a little ‘zine called Svarte Stavkirke… Do you consider this publication as the pre-Franang days ?
I wanted to know more about the bands that made my head headbanging, I was really into bands and demo shit so I wanted to support them in my way and to get info about their convictions. Yeah before Franang I printed 2 newsletters called Svarte Stavkirke. It seems Iron Wolf and Franang have common past, hehe. So yeah S.S was a pre Franang.

You have chosen to print Franang in English. Why ? If it was printed in French, do you think the ‘zine would quickly die as France is not known for having a lot of guys supporting the ‘zines…
Actually I printed the zine in English for the interviewed bands to understand what was written in the zine. It's a bit strange for me to translate an English int' in French to published it as the interviewed bands can't understand the final result. Furthermore it's true that I sell more zine abroad. I don't know why but French Metalheads hardly support fanzines, demos and vinyls. Most of them prefer to get CD or MP3 than real Metal format.

About the situation of the ‘zines and mags in France, what do you think of them ? Which are the ‘zines you prefer to read ? French or not…
I prefer to read English zine and my favourite come from outside of France as they're Ta les Of The Macabre, Slayer, Snakepit, Leather n Spike. Recently I got a cool French zine called Eternal Fire. When it comes to French zine I like your zine and Thrashing Rage but both of them are in English.

How is the response for Franang ? Which are the countries where your ‘zine is well received ?
I'd say the feed back is ok as I successed in getting rid of all of my zines. It takes a long time to distribute them all, nearly 1 year per zine but as I'm know so well known I can say it's ok. I've never made any statistics about the sells per country, I think Germany is the best one, but I'm not sure.

Franang is mainly about underground black / death metal bands. Do you prefer extreme bands ? Do you still listen to old school heavy / speed metal bands ?
Yeah I'm much more into extreme and not so well known bands like Suicidal Winds, Urn, Watain or D666 which carry much more aggressiveness than any hammerfall or dimmu hamburger bands. As I've been into Metal since a long time I also listen to many German Speed Metal bands from the 80's like Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Living Death, Assassin, Minautor, Running Wild or Canadian ones like Voivod, Piledriver, Exciter, Slaughter, Razor.

Which are the bands you enjoyed the more to interview for Franang ? Have you been disappointed by some bands ?
Up to now bands haven't disappointed me except for Ancient. I had a huge respect for this band before they released their 2nd album, then they turned from a mystical band to a shitty and trendy one. I hate their music now. Obviously some of the bands I interviewed changed their musical way and now I don't want to support nor to listen to their materials, but that's all. If I see back on the 3rd previous issues there's no band I regret to interview.
The bands I enjoyed the most as the one I listen to a lot like Desaster, Sabbat, Pentacle, Urn, Unpure, Atomier as they're real Metalheads and give great answers. I was also pretty proud to get answers from Törr as it was the first band from the 80's Eastern Metal scene I ever interviewed.

Issue 6 was supposed to be the last one. Why did you decide to stop the ‘zine at this time ?

The answer is in the edito of the 7th issue but to cut short a long story, let's say friends of mine motivated me to keep on with the Metal Flame. After the 6th issue I felt like tired and a bit bored with spending time in from of my computer, that was the reason of the 6th edito. I don't know how long will Franang zine survived anyway…

As now you are back with issue 7… which are the reasons for this comeback ? The support of some readers ? Still the desire to support some great underground bands ?
There're 2 reasons for the 7th issue. First of all a friend of mine told me a night that it was stupid to stop after so much work with Franang, then as you say I want to keep on supporting bands. I don't give a shit to get free promo cds or stuff like that, as I buy most of my collection on vinyls, but many bands in the scene deserve support and recognition…

How do you see the evolution of the metal scene ? What do you think of the current scene ?
The current scene could be a bit better as now every metalheads only want to download MP3 materials and most of them think everything is free, which is bullshit. You can't support a band in downloading their songs ! Move your fat ass and go to gigs, buy demos, vinyls and fanzines ! Hardrock magazine no longer deserve support, fuck them and turn your head to dedicated people ! The evolution of the scene : more dickheads listening to shit like rap metal and gayhem and on the other hand few real fans with Desaster, Inquisition, Metal Inquisitor or Nifelheim releases at home !
It's a real shame demo tapes are disappearing, they had a strong underground feeling. You know it was so terrible to received demo tapes from bands you're looking for !

We have seen so many trends : grunge, pseudo aggressive metal a la Pantera / Machine Head, atmospheric death / doom, gothic black metal, neo metal, happy cheesy metal, nu metal… Have you an idea of what will be the next big trend ? Thinking about these trends, which is your reaction ? Hate or do you prefer to laugh about it ?
The next trend ?? Let's see Money Metal ?? Ho no this trend has yet been in the scene since 7/8 years.. To be honest I don't give a single fuck to all this shit. I'm not concerned by this side of Metal (if there's anything Metal in !), what I want are bands with strong antichristian ideologies, fucking aggressiveness and raw sound ! Pussy cats singing about a dead swan can fuck off !

The more people say fuck off to trends the less they will be important !Don't you think it's much better to spend time reading an int' with Razor, Whiplash, Avenger than spending time in wandering who will be the next fucker to invade the Metal tabloid ?

And what about the so-called French metalheads ? I mean I have the feeling that in our country we have a lot of wannabes only buying the so-great cd’s that the big mags tell them to buy… Don’t you think we are really a few warriors in this country keeping the flame of the real metal ?
There exists few Metalheads with the flag of hate in hands, but they're drowned in a mass of uninteresting and stupid bastards ! France has never been the land of Metal. Just look at zines like yours or Snakepit how many of these huge papers have been sold in France ??? It's nearly nothing ! How many so called Metal heads move their ass for Metal gigs when it's not cradle of ham-burgir playing ? I always see the same guys at show, those ones are great but how many people in France are just behind their computer on shitty forum or in their sofa watching a DVD will mum is cooking ?
I remember a show of Hell born, there were hardly 20 people in the room ! Fuck this band is incredible, they won't come every 2 days but when they're in France nobody attends to their gig !

What does metal mean for you ? What is the spirit of metal according to you ?
Metal is the music from the dark side, it must convey ideology of hate and anger ! Sometimes I don't even consider Metal as music but much more like a ritual which crosses you mind and destroy your inner self ! The spirit of no longer exists man sorry ! We're no longer in the 80's when every bands supported others, when there was friendship between Metalheads. Metal is no longer a community as there's many people who consider themselves as Metalheads and have nothing to do in our lands (i.e. : nu metal, neo, grunge, gothic…)

Do you have the feeling metal is for the pagan and satanic people ? What do you think of christian metal ? And what do you think of christianism ?
Yeah obviously, Metal has always been linked with Satanism or anti Christian stuff. Even Maiden which are far to be a satanic band had some anti religious and anti constitutional lyrics. Paganism born with Quorthon bringing an heathen view and an Scandinavian proud in Metal. Metal is again all for of stupid religion dogmas, Metal much be feared by common people, and I think even Heavy Metal can have a scaring image.
Christian metal is a joke, these bands much be burnt in the flame of hell, the horned is waiting them for an eternal pain.
Christiansim is the more awful event that happened in Europe, this jewish religion destroyed sacred trees in the lands of Germania, in Gales, and in all the Eastern part of Europe. They've ordered murder in the name of the bitch bastard over pagan gods and nature respect. We must have our revenge and show no mercy for the burglar bishops. What is this religion that tells you what is right and what is wrong and have paedophilia priests in their ranks ????

How big is your collection of records ? Do you prefer cd’s or vinyls ? Why ? Which are pieces are proud to have in your collection ?
I've nearly 530 vinyls (EP and LP), and I really prefer vinyls as it should be the only Metal format available !
The vinyl I'm proud of are all the D666 dedicated, Bestial Warlust dedicated, Profanatica "Collection" pict-disc and "As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ", all Bathory albums on vinyls, Gehenna "The 2nd Spell", Ulver/Mysticum split EP, Carpathian Forest " Through Chasm, Caves and Titans Woods " MLP, Exorcist "Nightmare Theatre", Slaughter "Not Dead Yet", Slayer "Show No Mercy" gatefold.

Do you agree that Germany is the land of metal ? Which other countries’ scenes are big for metal in your opinion ?
Yeah this is obvious, just look where the bands tour, where the best festivals take place each year. According to me Aussi scene is fucking astonishing as all the bands are raw and evil as hell, Canadian scene offered many great acts back in the 80's. The Eastern country of Europe also unleashed some worth materials and they seem to still have the B.M feeling from the 90's.

A light question… What do you prefer : a girlfriend listening to metal or a girlfriend listening to rap and techno ?

A more difficult question… Which are your ten favourite albums of all times ?
This is a question I hate to answer as 10 albums are not enough. I'll say Darkthrone "Under A Funeral Moon", Maiden "Killer", Slayer "Show No Mercy", Kreator "Pleasure To Kill", Sabbat 'Envenom", Mayhem "De Myteriis Dom Sathanas", WASP "Same", Running Wild "First 10 years Of Piracy", Bathory "The Return", Venom "Black Metal", Metallica "Kill Em All"… This list is far to be original but these albums have branded the Metal scene.

Tell to the interested readers about your new issue, the bands included, the price, the address…
The 7th issue gathers 21 int' through 52 A4 pages. Here's the list of the interviewed bands Devil Lee Roth, Tsjuder, Invictus Productions, Anarazel, Arghoslent, Primordial, Malign, Sadistik Exekution , Iron Wolf ‘Zine, Agmen, Atomizer, Forgotten Tomb, Inquisition, Törr, Goatfire, Graven, Temple Of Baal, Judas Iscariot, Blodarv, Merrimack, Watain . The price is 5 € post paid, the contact is
FRANANG ZINE 29 Route De Villeneuve 38410 URIAGE FRANCE

Thank you for answering the questions and I wish you the best with the resurrection of Franang. Close the gate as you want…
You're welcome Patrick. I sincerely hope to hold a new issue of Iron Wolf in hand sooner or later.
Keep the Black Flame Burning