Firstly, making a zine takes up heaps of your time (as I'm finding out!) what does Eric do in between working on each ass kicking issue of Franang?
Hell-o bloody Paul ! Yeah fuck, doing a zine is really a long and hard stuff to handle. I've few spare time left after the classic work on finding bands to interview, reviewing the materials and doing the lay out, furthermore I've a regular 8h/day job. Anyway all my time is devoted to Metal which means listening to new vinyls I'm always buying, looking through the distro lists to find gems and going to the (few) gigs there are in my area and drinking beers with mates. Believe me or not, the week goes fast as hell with all these activities !

Have you ever been involved in any bands (if so which ones) what instruments do you play?
I've been a guitarist 7 years ago in a local band but it's been a long since I don't play guitar seriously anymore (if I've ever done it !). This band hadn't released any worth materials and it's much better this way ! I've tried to play again 2 years ago, but rehearsals bore me to death as you always need to make concessions with the other guys and I hate this ! I just play some covers of Bathory/Whiplash and the likes while the vinyl is on the turn table.

-Is there much action in the French UG scene, who are some of the better bands that get you away from the computer and at the front of the stage right now?
There're some local gigs with little and unknown bands here and there and every 2/3 months there're famous international bands playing like Grave Digger or Hell born, so I try to attend to as many gigs as I can. The French band that really impressed me with their show is Nehemah (from the Alps, France) as they play a kind of Burzum/Darkthrone B.M with such an aura that you can't stand and listening to the stuff with being thrilled to death !
When it comes to French labels, I feel like since 2 years many small labels pop up all around France, and it's a very great thing as perhaps the real underground attitude will come back !
I don't spend all my time behind a fucking computer, Metal is not this was ! I hate chats and shits like that. Fuck if you want to speak to someone go in a pub and drink beers but don't put your ass behind a computer !

-What has been the best & worst experiences about making Franang ?
I never got any worst experience with my zine as I handle the stuff alone, so if something doesn't please me I avoid it. Since the beginning, I've never been ripped off of any zine and nobody complained he never got the issue he ordered.
The best experience is when I meet a band I interviewed and the members thank me for the int'. For instance the guys from D666 offered me several beers at each gigs they play I attended, this is a fucking Metal attitude !

-You had thought about ending Franang at issue #6, now two issues later your working on the devils work never done?! Are there still a lot of bands you have a burning desire to int.?
The devils works will never end as long as there'll be fucking dickheads who listen to other musics than Metal, eheheh. The Earth must end with two huge horns on each side !
Every week I discover new releases or bands that send my balls to the wall. I can't understand people saying the scene is dead. Fuck, seek around the distro lists and you'll find thousands of great new releases. So, yes, there're still some bands I want to interview and other that yet featured in previous issue I'd like to get another int' cause I'm completely in their records.

-Which band has been the biggest highlght to int.? The one that made you think "fuck this guy has given up his time just for me!!"
I congratulate all the bands and members who took time to answer the bloody int., without them Franang zine would never been here. Both int' with Atomizer I did were fucking great as Jason is a really great and cool Metalhead. Sabbat and Metalucifer were also great int' as I was the first French to offer them space in a zine (that was Gezol's words !). Acutally the Black/Death bands like Gospel Of The Horns, Usurper, Pentacle, Urn are grateful of the int' I offered them. I don't know why all the members of this kind of music are so great but that rules !

-Franang, always black&white, always "all killer no filler" the way UG zines should be, never had an urge to do a colour issue or is this considered blasphemy!?
Neveeeerrrr, a fanzine must be B/W lay out. The only increase I could accept is to get the same paper quality than Tales Of The Macabre had. I like his paper as it's midway between Xeroxing and gloosy paper. This gives terrible result once the zine is printed. But at any case you'll find Franang zine with nice glossy cover, a wonderful pin's and shitty gadget like that !!!
You know printing a colour issue need to ask labels high adv rates and in change they ask you to do "nice" review of their stuff ! I don't wanty to get trapped !

-You make a point of asking a lot of bands about what they think of its time to ask, where do you stand on the topic of religion? (who needs to be whipped and beaten first?!)
I'm interested in European civilisations just after the fallen of Rome and early Viking history, the pagan era. If you study propely the matter it's really interesting to see their views of thinking about life, death, honour and so on. These high values no longer exist in Christianity doctrines, this religion imposes you to be nice with other and give your money to paedophilia priests in order to not reach hell. What is this fucking joke ??? You've to be quiet during all your life to expect being in a wonderful life after death ! No, be serious, once you're death only worms love you, nobody else. Furthermore I hate all this way of forcing you to thinking like this or that. Christians say what is right and wrong, but who the fuck are they ? All the every day rules are established on jew/christian doctrines, it's time to break all this shit and create rules according to our philosophy.

-In Iron Wolf you included "Kill em All" among 10 of the best metal albums of all to comment on Metallica 1983 vs Metallica(?)2003 ?
Ahaha, well done man !!! Metallica is dead since '86/'87. they were one of the very first and most original Speed Metal band, they found out the Speed Metal song structure with tunes like "Creeping Death" or "Hit The Lights". Imagine that without Metallica bands like Kreator, Whiplash, Destruction, Exodus, Slaughter and so on would perhaps be completely different. They are grand father of Thrash/Speed Metal and their early shows were so astonishing. Since the death of Cliff Burton the band slowly wimped out and now what is Metallica about ?? A band for 17 years girls and baba-cools who want to re create world while smoking shit !

-What album can't you get enough of at the moment?
I got the new 7ep from Profanatica and this vinyl is always on my turn table. Otherwise the new Razor Of Occam Mlp and Primordial "Spirit The Earth Aflame" are so very far. In my car I'm listening to the "6/6/66" live tape of Decayed since a week. This week I also got a bloody live vinyl of Possessed "Burning Alive In Hell" !!!!
As my computer doesn't want any vinyl in the CD player, I'm listening to Beherit "Oath Of Black Blood" and "Werewolf, Semen and Blood" CDs while answering the int'.

You have always payed respect to the Australian scene (maybe even int. more Australian bands than French), have you any plans to come to down under and taste it for real...Melbourne UG will always make you welcome!
Yeah, that'd be my dream to come and headbang to one of your Aussy show, with a kangaroo of course. Perhaps in 2/3 years, I'll try to go and see your land.
The best gig would be GOTH, Atomizer, Zemial, D666 and HOBBS at the same night ! Fuck that'd kill a great bunch of all other lives I've ever seen. Australian scene is one of the strongest and the most interesting. Each time I get/buy a release from Aussy band I'm turned up side down. I try to get int' with Aussy bands as often as I can…

-Thanks for your time Eric, I look foward to Franang issue #8 (9, 10, 11...) The gun is loaded so fire away with some final words if you wish.
That was a fucking Metal int' man, Aussy Metalheads know how to conduct the stuffs. I'm glad to feature in your zine… Keep the Metal flame burning.
By the way, do you know if when will the GOTH/D666 split vinyl will be unleashed ?!!? Shrapnel seems to be ok as he agreed the project in the next issue with D666 he has just finished this week.