Ave Sargatanas, let's start this short interview with one usual question – tell us more about the story of Franang Zine. Why did you decide to create this piece of art and only music has been the main reason for that or maybe something else ?
Hail, the stuff started as a simple 16 A4 pages newsletter called Svarte Stavkirke, then after 2 issues I decided to turn it into a full zine, with more pages, a better lay out and more reviews. Now, I'm working on the 6th issue of Franang Zine. Only few copies of the 5th issue are available and ¾ of the 4th issue, all the other ones are sold out. I wanted to go farther than just buying the albums or demos of bands I liked, some of them really deserve(d) more attention in the scene and I wanted to pay tribute to their great Metal so that's the main reason why the zine exists.

More for contributor, design… who are the first people to help you or do you do everything by your own ?
In the first issue of Franang Zine, the singer of Satanel (from Italy) did few reviews, then in the 3rd one, a friend of mine from Paris also did 3 or 4 reviews but excepted that I did everything by my own being the int', the lay out, the flyers design and the distribution… It's useless to tell you that it takes me a great amount of time….

What is your opinion about the current situation of the world wide underground ? Isn't sucks too much ? Maybe the real spirit of the scene has been lost ! And where is the place of today cult acts in your country – France ? Which is the most dark and brutal bands, labels, zines, fests… Is it still remains like that in this huge ocean of commercialism ?
The scene is not so much shitty if you look to t
he underground side only, just check great bands like Sabbat, Gospel of the Horns, Unpure, Nifelheim, Avenger, Törr, Morrigan, Desaster, Urn, and so on… All these acts have the real feeling of what Metal is and how it should sound. We must really support them and stop being nostalgic of Celtic and Bathory… these bands need the Metalheads right NOW and not in 15 years !!! Of course the 80's bands miss a lot in the scene as they did everything which lead the Metal to this point… Obviously if you only concentrate on faggots like dimmu borgir, marduk, immortal and the other bands who only want money and a "clear" sound, this side of the scene is completely rooted !!!
The French scene is pretty poor in great bands, I could mention Vulcain, Death Power, Sortilège, and early Aggressor for the 80's, when it comes to the actual bands I listen to Arkhon Infaustus, Gorgon and Nehemah. The very first demos of Vlad Tepes and Bekhira were raw too. About the labels we could say that we have strong labels like EAL, Drakkar or Osmose (even if some of their new releases completely suck).

Is the Underground an art for you ? And fooling way – are you an artist ?
I'll never consider Metal as an art which means that you always tend to perfection and beauty. Metal must be evil, raw and dark. Classic music can be an art, but what is this bullshit that Metal is art ? We are not into an art gallery, we are in gloomy room playing harsh riffs. I'm not an artist and I'll never be one !!!!

Tell us something about your personality : do you have other underground activities like playing in a band.. any regular job, family… Which is your kind of favourite bands ? What do you think of global economy of the world, EU, religious freaks ?
Hoooo, this question has many different fields !!! Excepted the zine, I play sometimes in a band (a kind of Death/Black one) but nothing has been released yet. When it comes to my favourite bands the list could be very long as I listen to Heavy Metal to Black since more than 10 years,

so you could find the list among the bands I've interviewed in the 2 last issues (plus the 6th one which will be out soon), and you could add Destruction, Sodom, Exodus (the first one), Living Death, Angel Dust, Iron Angel, Minotaur, Slaughter Lord, Stormwitch, Holocausto, Piledriver, Root, Torr, Beherit, Death, Exumer, Gravedigger, Bathory. I'm a freak of the Aussi scene and of the 80's Germany Speed Metal.
The World wide economy is just an amazing organisation of bastards who only trust in the stock exchange system and all the money are lined to this system then we call it "modernity"….fuck them !!!!
When it comes to religious freaks they must be exterminate without mercy 'til the end !

Speak about your interest besides music… Do you like philosophy, porno movies (French are from the best), medieval times, winter, darkness ? How is the girls in France, they kill in everything or am I wrong ???
I'm meanly interested in music as I spend many times listening Metal. I read many books about the VIII-X century as I'm into a medieval re-enactment group, and mainly books about Barbarians or Vikings, which is the period of History that interests me the most. Winter ??? Where is winter in France when it's 10 degree in December, every winter darkness has gone since the world is so much polluted !!!
Girls in France are like in any other countries, most of them listen to rap or shit like that, they are dressed like rasta or baba cool and enjoy the shitty culture from the south !!! Hopefully some of them are not so stupid but they are very few. In the local scene of my town I don't know any woman who is really into real Metal as they prefer to listen to sweet Metal or rammesteim like stuff ! The only woman who rules is Cath from Leather and Spikes but she lives in Quebec !!!!

What do you think of our universe as an endless chaos or just a part of another one ? Describe you visions of death… Are you afraid of death or maybe you do not believe in this matter ?
I'm an extremely rationalist guy thence I don't believe in any unnatural force or a kind of hand that lead the universe. This kind of though are just good for simple mind who can't think by themselves so they ask the other to think for themselves, this is also the principle of sect and the most well known sects are christianity and islam. My visions of death are just a rotted cadaver 6 feet under, period !

Say something about next Franang Zine issue… Which interviewed bands we may find and how many pages will it contain if it's not a secret ?
The next issue of Franang Zine will be the 6th one, and it should be released while you're reading this fucking int' (April 02). There's no secret about the summary and here's the list : Exmortem, Suicidal Winds, Throneaeon, Mortem, Goat Horns, Lonewolf , Arckanum, Throneum, Iron Pegasus Records, Avenger, Dekapitator, Unpure, Gospel Of The Horns, Leather’n’spikes ‘Zine, Twisted Tower Dire, Satan’s Metal Records, Abyssic Hate, Abominator, Morrigan. Up to this day I'm still waiting for 3 or 4 int'. So, you can expect a totally Black/Death Metal oriented zine, in the pure UG way.

Ok, we're at the end. What do you know about Bulgaria ? Have you heard any bands from there ? And what the hell means Franang ?
Thanks a lot for your support man, it was a great int' to answer to. What I know from your country is that you eat plenty of yoghurt, hahahah !!! No seriously I know very few from your land excepted that the Huns invaded it 17 centuries ago. I know 2 bands from over there which are Korozy and Sabrax, but I can't tell you if they are still playing or not !.
Everyone asks me for the meaning of Franang and I must say I'm proud to find it as anybody else has ever used it. So, the word is taken from the Northern mythology and it's the downfall where Loki hides himself.
Good luck with your zine as it's not so obvious to lead one !