Sample of the int'

Could you introduce yourself….what is your aim through Franang zine, what is your goal in life ?
Hail Sad, there's not so much to talk about myself but more about the zine I guess through the interview. So, Franang was born as Svarte Stavkirke (which was a 12 A4 pages newsletter). Two issues of SS were out some years ago then it turned into a complete zine. Franang zine aims at being a Metal zine dedicated to the underground in its real meaning and not just to support bands with shitty sound, no originality because they call themselves "underground". Most of the bands interviewed in Franang are Black Metal bands or have connexions with this kind of Metal like Black/Thrash or Black/death and are against Christianity. The reason of Franang is also due to the fact some bands really metallised my blood through their releases, so I want(ed ) to know more about them and their own views on different topics. But the most important is that the bands are dedicated to their views/philosophy and music.
In the everyday life I avoid as often as I can the mass consumption market and their capitalistic views by informing myself about who is the owner of the shop and not buy him stuff if I don't like him.

The 4th issue has been out (and soon there'll be the 5th issue), does it mean its sells well or does it mean you'll keep on going to do what you enjoy ? What brought Franang zine to you ?
I've never planned to sell 500/1000 copies of Franang per issue so I'd say sells are ok even if I've hardly taken care of them. Yes, that's true I'll keep on doing what I like with the zine even if nobody would buy it. I really don't care if people get my stuff, I only want to dedicate my work to worthy anti Christian bands. Then after, if Metalheads enjoy too the zine it's ok, but I've never planned to get plenty money with the zine…and I hardly have money left from it ! Franang made me discover really great bands like Mortem, Scepter, Call Of The 4th Gates, or to better understand others like Satanel (hail Enricco !), Graveland, Desaster, Sabbat, AMSG…

You also played in a band called Funeral Moon, what happened to this combo, why did you let it drop ?
Funeral Moon split in the beginning of '97, that's why it no longer exists. F.M. was a 3-member band and when Nergal (guitar) decided to stop the band, the 2 others also ended with F.M because we couldn't continue anymore as Nergal had founded the band and we didn't want someone else in F.M

What is your point of view on Black Metal, Death Metal and Metal scenes in France and abroad ?
The less we can say is the French scene has never been famous or extremely interesting but nevertheless there are (have been) bands like Gorgon, Osculum Infame, Noctic, Lonewolf, Nehemah, Himinbjorg, Aggressor. So the only problem is to be able to find the jewel band in our country, this doesn't mean our scene sucks !
When it comes to foreign countries I'm completely mad of the German old sound (Destruction, Assassin, Desaster, Violent Force/Living Death, Kreator) and 80's Speed Metal (Piledriver, The Unsane, Whiplash, Running Wild). The music is fucking much more aggressive and speed than actual bands. But what I can't stand in some of those old bands is their "too much punk and anarchist" attitude. In the actual scenes there are also great Metalheads like Desaster (once again), Razor Of Occam, Urn, Gospel Of The Horns, Sabbat, Varathron, Pentacle,. Unfortunately most of the Norwegian pioneers of the 2nd wave have turned into pacific bands. I also hate all those modern bands with synth, gothic elements or the early Norwegian bands who now include nice music or want to get a crystal clear sound like Marduk, Behemoth, Enslaved and so on.

What do you think of bands who use B.M to spread politic views ? Do you believe/think the dark side of politic movement could be Nazism ? Finally what do you think of our government ?
According to me politic and Metal music are two different matters. Nevertheless it doesn't really bother me if some bands mix both of these concepts as B.M is a mean of propaganda against religions and some politic doctrines could be applied to eradicate religions. If the bands know what they deal with and are convinced about their opinions it can be more than positive to take a look to their lyrics. In another hand if bands just include swastika, nazi stuffs on their cover and hail Hitler to be cool and to sell thousands copies, they just suck !


Now let's talk about philosophy and believable matter, are you just inspired by one or more philosopher's doctrine ? According to you what is the meaning of life ?
I don't believe in any religions or any religious doctrine, being Satanist or Christian. There's no philosopher who influences my life directly, but I read some books about politic/racial views. So, writers like
Evola make me think a lot of course. There's no real meaning in our life, the economic and the religious environment govern and package us through money and capitalist views. And the shame is these values are the meaning of life of thousands people. Nut there're not really mine, so up to now I haven't found any real meaning of life. Have you ?

Satanism can also be seen as the finding of the hidden knowledge (taken apart by church), do you agree with this point of view ? If so, would you say that this kind of "Satanism" could be beneficial for mankind ?
What was hidden by Christianity was the ability of thinking, everything you can hidden is just part of man's reflection which has been forbidden during a long time. I don't know if Satanism could be beneficial for human as I don't consider Satan as anything concrete as x-tianity is based on the oppression and mind destroying. And fuck, human kind can burn in their paradise, I don't need them !

Let's come back to music, which were the bands who impressed you with their answers and those who interested you more after their interview ?
Then bands that really impressed me through their answers were Graveland, Satanel, AMSG for their strong political views. There are also other bands who pleased me by their total dedication to Metal like Sabbat, Destroyer 666, Falkenbach, Pentacle, Summoning, and Desaster. Among all int' I've done I'll never forget Damnation Rec, which is according to me, the best label who represents the TRUE Death/Black Metal attitude.

What do you think of commercial side of the so-called underground music (Black Metal) ? Do you think that a zine like yours help the propagation of these kind of bands and so help the business in B.M ?
B.M has taken a bad way when it comes to the high distribution of the materials. A music which was extremely difficult to get and quite rare became a mass consumption product with packaging, advertisement campaigns and thousands magazines licking the ass of labels to get free CDs. It can't be worth than it's actually. I can understand your views about my zine, but I don't think that 200 copies per issue really influence the scene. Furthermore, if you think I'm rich thanks to my zine you're wrong. Unfortunately I haven't bought a swimming pool in my garden with the money from Franang yet, hahahah !!!!
Anyway, you should blame on Metallian and other big mag who support marduk, cof, db and other shit rather than Franang, who support Graveland, Absurd, Sabbat, Destroyer 666 and so on… Have you ever found a nice Spice Girls Borgir's poster, a sampler CD in Franang ?

When talking about the commercial side, what do you think of vampirism themes, and topics dealing with forest, snow and mountain ? What is more evil in wood than in a disused district (or factory) ?
If you met a female vampire in Le Mans just send her me to suck my dick !!! as far as I know there's not so much mountain in your flat town, so I hardly think you've ever experienced a quiet snow forest at 2000 m high (you're wrong-sad-ed). Anyway, mountains are one of the latest natural landscape where everybody don't hang over, so yeah it's more evil than anything else.

What do you think of the look of musicians and those who hag over in gigs ? Should a Metalhead wear bullet bet, T-shirt in order to stand against normal people or this is not so important ? What do you think of sex, drug and B.M concept ?
Metal music and real Metal mean a different look and Heavy Metal T-shirt, bullet belt or spikes are part of Metal. Don't you think that so called Metalheads who wear baba cool pants, a communist bear are so evil ? Yeah, it's really important to stand against other people, we are the evil side of mankind. But a dark shirt doesn’t always mean an interesting person. You motto is cool but I rather Beer, Metal and Sex.

Thanks SAD for your cool int' and keep on supporting the real underground bands !