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ACCUSER (Ger) "Who Dominate Who" LP 1987. Atom H. 5 Euros

DISFEAR (Swe) "Everyday slaughter" Gatefold LP 1997. Osmose Production. N°679/10000. 25 Euros

GNOSTIC (Usa) "Bloodwars Of heretic Supremacy" LP 2002. Ordéalis Records. N°170/333. 30 Euros

INFERNAL (Swe) "666" MLP'99. Hellspawn Records. (featuring Blackmoon from Dark Funeral). 20 Euros

KRATORNAS (Sing) "The Onslaught Of Battledemons" 10'EP. Ordéalis Records. N°413/666. 30 Euros.

MEGADETH (Usa) "Bootleg Live". No Release date . Old work Records. 25 Euros.

NAUSEAUS SURGERY (Bra) "Immortal Warriors" Gatefold LP 2003. Legion Of Death. Includes a bonus 7EP. 22/500. 35 Euros


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