How to send promos / how to order copies



Bands, labels if you wish your materials to be reviewed read this before sending your stuffs :
there's no room for grunge, hard core, grind, happy "heavy metal", stupid brutal D.M talking about flowers…
only harsh, heavy and evil music. Never forget quality is better than quantity

Important : Note that old school Heavy and Thrash Metal labels are HIGHLY invited to send their materials being new releases or re-release of 80's albums.

IMPORTANT : stop sending MP3 files, CD-R, album without any info sheets. They won't be reviewed anymore, I'm fed up running after information and title tracks, title albums.

Franang Zine issue 10 :

France and Europe :

You can get it for only 7 Euros or 9 US$ Europe

Rest of the world add 2 Euros / 2 US$
All prices include postage

You can get an extra limited to 50 copies fanzine with a T Shirt for 20 Euros, 24 US$ (Europe).
Rest of the world add 2 Euros/2 US$ for this edition
All prices include postage

Special offer : Franang zine issue 9 and 10 : 10 Euros (Europe), 15 Euros (ROW)

Use PAY PAL with the email address, it's the safer way
Always state your postal address and number of copy you need

Fast delivery, you won't have to wait for ages to get a copy !!!!
Act fast to get a copy of this limited zine.

You can contact hell through :

Hameau Les bonnets
2149 Route de Chamrousse


Franang Zine issue 9 (still available) :

France and Europe :

You can get it for only 7 Euros or 9 US$

Rest of the world add 2 Euros / 2 $
All prices include postage

The 50 first copies comes with a patch.